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Scott Perry (URU)

Name: W Scott Perry
Year of Birth: 1947
Nationality: Uruguay
Residence: Gibraltar
First language: Spanish
Other languages: English (fluent), Portuguese (read, understand and somewhat fluent)

Candidates Goals

Back to Basics

I strongly believe that in the last few years World Sailing (WS) has lost its way. We seem to have forgotten what our federation should be doing and for whom. Even if I didn't always agree with some decisions as a member of the last 2 Boards I fully accept my share of responsibility for this failure. In a few short words World Sailing exists to serve all of our stakeholders but most particularly our sailors. The key words being TO SERVE.

To deliver that service World Sailing benefits from a huge pool of very talented and dedicated volunteers (race officials, committee members, regatta organizers, yacht club volunteers, class representatives etc) and staff who deserve our respect, recognition, encouragement and engagement.

For many reasons not least being the present COVID19 crisis; our financial challenge and the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the next 4 years will be very difficult. In order to tackle all the challenges before us and return our federation to the correct path we must first go back to basics. Such as:

  1. Finance - Unless we get our finances in order nothing else will matter. At present we are living on borrowed funds from the IOC. That is never a healthy situation to be in. If elected this would be my first priority.
  2. Costs - We need to address all costs not only those of WS. For example; the cost for our stakeholders to attend meetings; the cost for our sailors to compete; the cost of equipment; the cost of broadcasting events, etc.
  3. Governance - Although our present governance has served us well for the last 113 years it is time to see if an effective governance structure can serve us better in the future. A great deal of work has already been done and I suspect some work still needs to be done to satisfy the greatest number of people possible. I think we should also accept that we will never satisfy everybody.
  4. Events - WS should limit the events which it organizes to: a Championship every 4 years to qualify MNAs for the Olympics; a Parasailing championship and an offshore event every 4 years and a yearly Youth Worlds. To host less than an annual Youth Wolds would preclude many young people from competing due to the age restriction. By attempting to run a Sailing World Cup program with many events we inevitably compete with some of the traditional regattas for time slots, sailors, officials and sponsors.
  5. Olympics - The decision of the IOC Program Commission in December will surely bring changes to some or much of our Olympic program. Most of us have educated guesses as to what changes will be required but, in fairness, nobody knows what those changes will be. Whatever changes are required we should agree to work towards a democratic consensus.

If elected President I can't promise that the next Board and I will deliver what is expected of us but I can promise that I will dedicate all my efforts, experience and knowledge gathered over the last 20 years as a volunteer of our federation to achieving those goals.

I will be sending a brief paper (never more than one page) to the MNAs setting out my ideas concerning the 5 areas summarized above.

I am always available to answer any questions regarding this paper and any future papers I will send to the MNAs.

Sailing Career

J24 - 1999 World Championship, Genoa, ITALY
IMS - 1997 and 1999 Copa del Rey, Mallorca,. SPAIN
Mumm 30 - 2000 Key West Week, Florida, USA
Beneteau 40.7 - 2015 and 2019 China Cup, Shenzhen, CHINA
Presently own and race a classic 1947 50 foot sloop, Fjord III in the Mediterranean. Since 2015 have participated in 28 regattas in ITALY, FRANCE and SPAIN finishing in our series on the podium all but 5 times.

Sailing Administration

Pan American Sailing Federation:
2007 - 2015 President (2011 - 2015) Uruguay's representative 2007 - 2011
South American Sailing Confederation:
2007 - 2011 Uruguay's representative

Roles within World Sailing

2016 - 2020 Vice President member of para-sailing, constitution and audit committees and African MNAs
2012 - 2016 Vice President responsible for: Governance, Finance, Para-sailing and Regional Games and Latin American MNAs
1998 - 2016 Regional Games Committee (Chairman 2008-2012)
2008 - 2016 Constitution Committee
2012 - 2016 Audit Committee
2014 - 2016 Para World Sailing Committee
2012 - 2016 Technical Delegate for sailing at the Rio Olympics
2008 - 2011 Olympic Commission 2014
2014 Assumed responsibility for Sailing World Championship in Santander, SPAIN 3 months before event


Married for 44 years to Christine Fox; 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren
United Kingdom - RYA / DOT Yachtmaster Offshore (Certificate no. 20164)
Member of the European Brotherhood of Sailors (Cofradia Europea de Vela)
Member of yacht clubs in Uruguay, Argentina and Spain.
Lived in 8 countries (Argentina, Chile, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, USA and Uruguay)
Owned businesses in several countries
Director of many companies including 2 banks and a New York Stock Exchange quoted company.

Nominating MNAs

Australian Sailing, Bahamas Sailing Association, Barbados Sailing Association, Belize Sailing Association, Bermuda Sailing Association, Bolivian Sailing Federation, Cayman Islands Sailing Club, Confederação Brasileira de Vela, Federación Argentina de Yachting, Federación Colombiana de Vela, Federación Cubana de Vela, Federacion Dominicana de Vela, Federacion de Vela de Puerto Rico, Federacion Nicaraguense de Vela, Federación Mexicana de Vela, Federación Paraguaya de Vela, Federación Peruana de Vela, Hellenic Sailing Federation, Hungarian Sailing Federation, Irish Sailing, Israel Sailing Association, Jamaica Yachting Association, Pago Pago Yacht Club, Pakistan Sailing Federation, Polish Yachting Association, Romanian Sailing Federation, Royal British Islands Yacht Club, Russian Sailing Federation, Sail Canada, Serbian Sailing Association, South African Sailing, Trinidad and Tobago Yachting Association, Tunisian Sailing Federation, US Sailing, Yacht Club Uruguayo

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