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Quanhai Li (CHN)

Name: Quanhai Li
Year of Birth: 1962
Nationality: Chinese
Residence: China
First language: Chinese
Other languages: English (fluent)

Candidates Goals

Dear World Sailing MNA's, Council, and sailing colleagues:

It is an honor to present my candidacy for President of World Sailing at the forthcoming November elections, and to present to you my vision and my objectives for the role should I be elected.

My Commitments and Vision for World Sailing

World Sailing is currently in a critical condition, facing both financial and development difficulties, that requires strong and capable leadership to not only lead us through the current uncertainty and crisis but, just as importantly, to re-establish and prioritize the interests of all MNA's and World Sailing's stakeholders to ensure we provide the service to the sport which is expected of us. With the trust of the international sailing family and the necessary skills, I have, and after a lengthy discussion with many friends from around the world, I decided to run for the President of World Sailing to strive for further development of this magnificent sport.

Some of my key objectives as World Sailing President will be to:

1. Solve the financial crisis and ensure the safe operation of WS.

Through my substantial business contacts around the world, I am very confident to be in a position to bring valuable sponsorships and support to World Sailing. I am looking forward to composing a long term and sustainable WS financial budget with our new Board, and the World Sailing Secretariat to effectively control costs and guide World Sailing out of the current economic situation but not at the expense of existing advantages and growth.

2. Safeguard the core interests of the MNAs and improve global service capability.

I will implement a climate of respect, equality, openness, transparency, and inclusiveness that will allow the new Board to establish smooth communication and coordination mechanisms with the IOC, the WS Council and the Committees, the Continental Federations, the MNAs, and the Classes. I will listen to their voices. All the decisions shall be made via deliberations and consultations with the WS Council, the MNAs, and the Classes.

The President and the Board shall fulfill the mandate of the WS Constitution and serve in the best interests of the whole sport and protect the interests of all members of the WS family.

A new development plan will connect Olympic sailing and youth sailing progressively to make our sport stronger and more popular all over the world. The youth sailing, the club sailing, and the school sailing will take a higher priority on our agenda.

A new service model will be adopted to explore various ways of operation and to enhance the quality of our services in line with different situations and conditions of different regions. We shall always place the requirements of the sailors first. We shall focus on emerging nations to assist in their growth and expansion. We will establish their unique requirements in each region to support advancement with achievable goals.

Create a World Sailing Development Fund. The purpose of the fund will be to assist the regions in increasing youth development, the growth of participation, and the training of officials. Together with the consultation of our sailing partners, expert committees, and staff, I will listen to the MNAs and regions and help provide the personalized support the MNAs and regions require.

3. Enhance global promotion and increase the value of sailing.

We will strive to make our sport more exciting, easier to participate and to become a showcase of human power combined with the energy of nature.

In close collaboration with the IOC, the host City of Olympic, the continental federations, the MNAs, and the organizing committees of major regattas, we will establish a modern mechanism of publicity and media to amplify the impact of sailing.

With the support of global partners and local governments, the new Board will draw on the successful experiences to organize exchange activities for the international sailing family during major regattas and significant events. It will ensure that all World Sailing events meet the expectations of sailors and the MNA's.

4. Promote good governance and build up a strong team

Good governance is at the heart of any successful business. Together with my future team, we must first practice good governance within World Sailing, starting with the Council, Board, and Committees. We will have full consultations worldwide with sailors, clubs, classes, and MNAs to create new, improved governance. We shall build a more energetic team of non-commercial interests to make World Sailing an efficient, transparent, and professional organization.

My vision is to return the decision-making process to the Council and the MNAs as they are the closest to the region and sailors. When we proceed forward, we shall listen to everyone, and we will move forward as one strong organization.

My dearest colleagues and sailing friends, I am confident that my personal experiences and resources will be pivotal to bringing new changes to World Sailing. If I am fortunate to be elected as the President of World Sailing, I will be honored to fulfill my promises and work side by side with you for the bright future of our sport.

What I see in our future is:

Sailing-- Safe, Healthy and Thriving Sport for sailors of the World;
World Sailing-- Home for all our sailing family;
World Sailing-- United, Equal and Openly Transparent Organization;
World Sailing-- New Structure for Global Development

Thank you for your consideration and support for my candidacy.

Sailing Career

Sailing Administration

Chinese Yachting Association

  • Secretary General (1997-2005)
  • Vice President (2005-2017)

International Sailing Federation

  • Council Member (2006-2012)
  • Vice President (2013-now)
  • International Judge of Sailing (1988-2012)

Asian Sailing Federation

  • Vice President (2006-2008)
  • President (2008-2010)
  • ExCo Member (2013 - now)

Other Sports Administration

Asian Rowing Federation

  • Vice President (2010-2014)

China Water Sports Administration

  • Vice Director (2005-2013)
  • Director-General (2013-2017)

Chinese Rowing Association

  • President (2014-2017)

Chinese Canoe Association

  • President (2014-2017)

National Olympic Sports Center

  • Director-General (2017-Now)

Role within World Sailing

Vice President


Nominating MNAs

Australian Sailing, Bahamas Sailing Association, Barbados Sailing Association, Belarus Sailing Federation, Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association, Cambodia Sailing Federation, Chilean Sailing Federation, Chinese Yachting Association, Cyprus Sailing Federation, Federacion Dominicana de Vela, Federación Mexicana de Vela, Federacion de Vela de Puerto Rico, Fiji Yachting Association, Hellenic Sailing Federation, Hong Kong Sailing Federation, Hungarian Sailing Federation, Iranian Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing Federation, Irish Sailing Association, Israel Sailing Association, Jamaica Yachting Association, Indonesian Sailing Federation, Korea Sailing Federation, Kuwait Sea Sports Club, Myanmar Yachting Federation, Pakistan Sailing Federation, Philippine Sailing Association, Polish Yachting Association, Romanian Sailing Federation, Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club, Russian Yachting Federation, Singapore Sailing Federation, South African Sailing, Trinidad and Tobago Yachting Association, Tunisian Sailing Federation, Turkish Sailing Federation

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