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Laser Masters World Championships
Event Details
Start Date5 August 2011
End Date13 August 2011
VenueSan Francisco
Entry Name
Entry AddressSan Francisco
Registration Lists n/a
Fleet racing Open Laser Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Open Laser Radial Overall Results
Race Results
Laser Masters World Championships05 Aug 2011 - 13 Aug 2011
Laser Radial (Open) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1CANCAN 19705318.0059.00Allan Clark
2BRABRA 16067324.0083.00Carlos Eduardo Wanderley
3BRABRA 18089328.0050.00Marcelo Fuchs
4AUSAUS 19754329.0043.00Gary Ratcliffe
5NZLNZL 18172262.00116.00mark page
6AUSAUS 19812877.00134.00Adam French
7NZLNZL 18789181.00123.00Pete Thomas
8BRABRA 18261987.00122.00João Ramos
9FINFIN 19196298.00133.00Martin Baltscheffsky
10USAUSA 182806103.00139.00Martin WILLARD
11ARGARG 173910107.00141.00Carlos Palombo
12USAUSA 198379112.00156.00David LaPier
13NZLNZL 187893115.00152.00Michael Knowsley
14ARGARG 184274116.00166.00Eduardo BRANZ
15USAUSA 199603126.00170.00Nick Burke
16AUSAUS 202561131.00171.00Martin White
17ITAITA 201495140.00191.00andrea cosentino
18AUSAUS 184257148.00190.00Martin Wilson
19USAUSA 121384149.00223.00Mike Schmidt
20USAUSA 167294175.00221.00Douglas Morss
21USAUSA 198693176.00250.00David LEUCK
22GBRGBR 189092180.00254.00Gareth Edwards
23GBRGBR 200678181.00229.00Richard Ellis
24USAUSA 180079212.00263.00Leigh Savage
25AUSAUS 193420241.00307.00Diane SISSINGH
26USAUSA 166118247.00308.00William Shirley
27MEXMEX 20359247.00313.00Antonio Vertiz
28USAUSA 186530255.00314.00Joseph McCoy
29CANCAN 188995275.00349.00Thomas Stubbs
30TAHTAH 177767278.00350.00isabelle barbeau
31GERGER 174080305.00379.00Jörg Schweigler
32USAUSA 194481319.00393.00Charles Thomas
33CANCAN 131622324.00398.00William Mulloy
34CANCAN 178562329.00403.00Stephen Reichenfeld
35USAUSA 156874347.00421.00Douglas DuBois
36BRABRA 177799358.00432.00Luis Fernando Zoghbi
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