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25 July 2003, 11:27 am
Hobie 14 Worlds, 29er Europeans, A-Cat Europeans, Yngling Open Europeans, National Class events and more ...
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Travemuender Week

Amongst the many other World, European and National Championships being contested during the 114th Travemuende Week, yesterday saw the start of the German Match Racing Championship.
The wind god Aeolus was pretty confused. After dead calm followed a sea breeze and in the afternoon a thunderstorm ended racing, but not without one or two races having been completed on all courses.

The Hobie 14 World Championship sailed three races on course foxtrot. Frank SUCHANEK (GER) used the conditions best and took over the lead. Pepe BETTINI and Frederico VILLAMBROSA (ARG) sailed to the top of the list in the 29er Europeans and Glenn ASHBY continues to demonstrate his dominance in the A-Cat class with seven bullets from eight races.

Hobie 14 World Championship
The single-handed Hobie 14 World Championship fleet showed thrilling results after five races. Thorin ZEILMAKER (NED) posted an OCS, followed by two first places, but with no results yet discarded he is placed in 14th. Ahead of Zeilmaker, Frank SUCHANEK (GER) and Joachim WEGENER (GER) are on equal points but with Suchanek taking the overall lead based on countback. Currently in third place, with a 14 point deficit behind the two leaders, is Peter MANVIS (NED), who in turn is tied on points with Jochen SIERCK. "The conditions have been tactically difficult," said the leading Suchanek, "That's why the results change so much."

29er European Championship
The recently crowned silver medallist at the 29er World Championship, Pepe BETTINI and Federico VILLAMBROSA (ARG) continued to show their form, after a bullet in yesterday's final race, repeating line honours in both races 4 and 5, to take the overall lead. With a discard now in play, they were able to wipe their placing of 16 from the scorecard to move ahead of the fleet. Behind them, the British are sailing well holding 5 of the top 10 places. Immediately behind the leaders, and bronze medallists at the recent World Championship, are Tom SMEDLEY and Steve WILSON (GBR), followed in second place by Lauri LETHINEN and Mikka PENNANEN in third. The current World Champions David EVANS and Richard PEACOCK (GBR) lost their overnight lead and now sit in fifth place in this fifty-two boat fleet.

A-Cat European Championship
The European Championship of the single handed A-Cat construction class has been completely dominated by the reigning World Champion Glenn ASHBY (AUS). The Australian, who crewed for Darren BUNDOCK in the Tornado at Kiel Week has played his discard from the first race in which he placed an eighth, but since then he has outclassed his competitors by a line of bullets, seven in the eight races so far completed. Fellow countrymen Scott ANDERSON has posted a second place in most of the races, aside from a 10 in yesterday's race 7, and on a five point deficit behind Ashby, it doesn't look as if he has a chance to win. Meanwhile, Ashby is repeating his dominance from 2002, when he won the North American, German, Australian, European and World Championships.

German Match Racing National Championship
A straight walk into the next round of the German Match Racing Championship was achieved by Carsten KEMMLING (GER), with his crew of Peter STEIN and Claas DE JONG. Kemmling who is ranked 22 on the ISAF World Match Race Rankings won every match in his group. The other two places had to be decided in a tie break, as Sven-Erik HORSCH from Hamburg, Timo ELLEGAST and Franziska UNKELBACH, who is sailing with an all female crew, scored two wins each. "It was very thrilling," commented Andreas JOHN sailing with Horsch, "in the pre-start action, the tension is extremely high, while everyone wants to avoid mistakes".

Jan HAMESTER who qualified for the German Championship by placing second in the streamline class in the first half of the Travemuende Week fleet races, made too many mistakes and finished the opening day without a chance. Just before the thunderstorm covered the bay of Luebeck, local hero Alex HAGEN lost one match to Stefan MEISTER from Berlin, after winning two matches. Meister currently leads group number two.

Results of the 114th Travemuende week from Thursday 24 July

Hobie 14 Worlds / after 5 races
1. Suchanek (Krefeld, Germany) 31 points;
2. Wegener (Hamburg, Germany) 31;
3. Manvis (Netherlands) 53,
4. Sierck (Kronshagen, Germany) 53,
5. du Toit (Republic of South Africa) 54;
6. Moritz Mueller (Remscheid, Germany) 69.

29er Europeans / after 5 races
1. Bettini/Villambrosa (Argentina) 10 points;
2. Smedley/Wilson (Great Britain) 12;
3. Lehtinen/Pennanen (Finland) 15;
4. Chapman/Dawson (Great Britain) 17;
5. Evans/Peacock (Great Britain) 19;
6. Mueller/Keller (Switzerland) 26.

A-Cat Europeans / after 8 races
1. Glenn Ashby (Australia) 6 points;
2. Scott Anderson (Australia) 11;
3. Sascha Wallmer (Switzerland) 22;
4. Reinhard Egner (Stephanskirchen,Germany) 33;
5. Penco Paolo (Italy) 44;
6. Luigi Blancato (Italy) 45.

Musto Skiff Euro Cup / after 5 races
1. Richard Stenhouse (Great Britain) 6 points;
2. Matthew Toone (Great Britain) 7;
3. Ian Turnbull (Great Britain) 11;
4. Kit Stenhouse (Great Britain) 15;
5. Graeme Oliver (Great Britain) 17;
6. Phil Kennard (Great Britain) 18.

Hobie FX-One Euro Cup / after 4 races
1. Pool (Netherlands) 6 points;
2. Zwitser (Netherlands) 8;
3. Deurloo (Netherlands) 10;
4. Schrader (Cuxhaven, Germany) 18;
5. Rooij (Netherlands) 22;
6. Spellen (Netherlands) 29;
7. Goosen (Netherlands) 32.

Hobie Tiger Euro Cup / after 4 races
1. Gosche/Bock (Bremen, Germany) 10 points;
2. Hahn/Hahn (Kiel, Germany) 18;
3. Bredendiek/Froehmer (Duesseldorf, Germany) 20;
4. Fequet (France) 25;
5. Beike/Bannert (Luebeck, Germany) 26;
6. Reinke/Weber (Klein Barnitz,Germany) 28;

Sportsboats / after 2 races
1. "Bull-Y-Hoo" Manfred Schreiber (Schleswig, Germany) 4 points,
2. "HDW I" Tim Ross (Hamburg, Germany) 10,
3. "Lekkerbek" Axel Stegner (Berlin, Germany) 10,
4. "Playmate" Hans-H. Rüggesiek (Berlin, Germany) 16,
5. "Gemini" Jan Satrapa (Czech Republic) 17,
6. "" Christian Hedlund (Denmark) 19.

German Championship Match Racing:
Group A:
1. Kemmling/Stein/de Jong (Hamburg, Germany) 4 points,
2. Ellegast/Ellegast/Guelzow 2,
2. Horsch/Simmendinger/John (Hamburg, Germany) 2,
2. Unkelbach/Mueller/Erfurt (Kiel, Germany) 2,
5. Hamester/Dabelstein/Hammerich (Luebeck, Germany) 0.

Group B:
1. Meister/Borkowski/Semmer (Berlin, Germany) 2,
2. Hagen/Wolfrom/Gosch (Hamburg, Germany) 2,
3. Kadelbach/Bodo/Schmidt (Berlin, Germany) 1,
3. Fratz/Bauer/Moeller 1,
4. Sothmann/Sievers/Avanchovik (Bornhoeved, Germany) 0.

49er / after 3 races
1. Toft Nielsen/Toft Nielsen (Denmark) 4 points;
2. Gernhardt/Erdmann (Kiel, Germany) 8;
3. Oehme/Kleine (Hamburg, Germany) 9;
4. Conrad/Conrad (Essen, Germany) 13;
5. Homeyer/Sibbersen (Kiel, Germany) 18;
6. Briesenick-Pudenz/Massmann (Flensburg, Germany) 18.

Laser / after 4 races
1. Alexander Nikolaev (Russia) 12 points;
2. Thomas Endom (Krefeld, Germany) 16;
3. Ingmar Kirchner (Elmenhorst, Germany) 18;
4. Moritz Almes (Hamburg, Germany) 21;
5. Claus Wimmer (Bendorf, Germany) 24;
6. Ulf Neumann (Francfurt, Germany) 24.

Contender / after 4 races
1. Jan von der Bank (Kiel, Germany) 13 points;
2. Soren Andreasen (Denmark) 20;
3. Marcus Hamilton (Australia) 22;
4. Karsten Kraus (Kiel, Germany) 24;
5. Matt Hosie (Australia) 26;
7. Oliver Brandt (Hamburg, Germany) 27.

FD / after 3 races
1. Langefeld/Wilbert (Mayen, Germany) 8 points;
2. Koenig/Brack (Waldeck-Niederwerbe, Germany) 9;
3. Prenzler/Bollweg (Hannover, Germany)10;
4. Koenig/Greten (Marburg, Germany) 12;
5. Altenhain/Mende (Berlin, Germany) 19;
7. Frank/Frank (Karlsruhe, Germany) 22.

Pirat IDM / after 5 races
1. Kemper/Mattonet (Havixbeck, Germany) 11 points;
2. Bogumil/Bogumil (Berlin, Germany) 15;
3. Saeger/Gluschke (Hohen Neuendorf, Germany) 18;
4. Schoenfeldt/Gundlage (Hamburg, Germany) 18;
5. Muencheberg/Steffen (Rostock, Germany) 19;
6. Babendererde/Oehme (Luebeck, Germany) 21.

Dyas / after 3 races
1. Suesse/Bender (Cologne, Germany) 11 points;
2. Breuer/Breuer (Simmerath, Germany) 12;
3. Woiwode/Kraemer (Simmerath, Germany) 16;
4. Zinsli/Iten (Switzerland) 17;
5. Leicher/Andreas (Koblenz, Germany) 19;
6. Seyfarth/Schmidt (Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany) 19.

Korsar / after 3 races
1. Tscherneck/Linnemann (Ahlen, Germany) 3 points;
2. Duncker/Geyer (Berlin, Germany) 10;
3. Schaber/Pabst (Duisburg, Germany) 14;
4. Arlt/Kluke (Berlin, Germany) 14;
5. Huber/Rogers (Herrsching, Germany) 15;
6. Heidrich/Mauer (Potsdam, Germany) 20.

Folkeboat / after 1 race
1. Ziegler/Hausch/Richter (Stralsund, Germany),
2. Larsson/Schreiber/Michels
(Bad Schwartau, Germany),
3. Kiewning/Rhodus/Boydau (Berlin),
4. Rosehr/Zwesper/Jungkamp (Luebeck, Germany),
5. Pfuhl/Rosehr/Berlin (Laboe,
8. Reinberg/Reinberg/Hafke (Luebeck, Germany).

Sprinta Sport German Cup / after 1 race
1. Stephan Groeger (Ueberlingen, Germany);
2. Volker Rehfeld (Dortmund, Germany);
3. Ralf Neumann (Kiel, Germany);
4. Thies Schenkelberg (Cuxhaven, Germany);
5. Michael Berghorn / Freudenberg (Bad Laer, Germany);
8. Peter Kalweit (Hamberge, Germany).

SZV / after 7 races
1. Kopplin/Lueters (Berlin, Germany) 9 points;
2. Braendle/Hau (Wuppertal, Germany) 17;
3. Antrecht/Garzmann (Neustadt, Germany) 21;
4. Hotho/Gensch (Wunstorf, Germany) 32;
5. Friedhoff/Friedhoff (Steinhude, Germany) 35;
6. Maibohm/Nalup (Wetter, Germany) 48.

Hobie 16 Spi "Open" / after 6 races
1. Phipps/Cock (Great Britain) 8 points;
2. Colby/Riców (France) 13;
3. Booth/Booth (France) 20;
4. Crawford/Crawford (Great Britain) 22;
5. Christoph/Alban (France) 23;
6. Tayler/Tayler (Great Britain) 25.

Hobie Dragoon / after 6 races
1. Newton/Tayler (Great Britain) 5 points;
2. Barche/Osterloh (Luebeck, Germany) 11;
3. Hinzpeter/Texdorf (Herrnburg, Germany) 13.

Hobie 16 Spi "Youth" / after 6 races
1. Phipps/Cock (Great Britain) 5 points;
2. Crawford/Crawford (Great Britain) 14;
3. Tayler/Tayler (Great Britain) 14;
4. Cooper/Martin (Great Britain) 19;
5. Heitsch/Bockelmann (Germany) 23;
6. Pimenta/Dinsdale (France) 27;
7. Lecointe/Le Bayon (France) 27.
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