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20 November 2003, 09:34 am
The Chase For The Women's Freestyle Title
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PWA World Tour

The final event on the PWA calendar for 2003 in Bonaire will decide the women's freestyle champion. A three way battle is shaping up between current champion, Karin JAGGI (F2, Arrows) and the Moreno sisters, Daida and Iballa, (Mistral, North).
PWA spoke to the three favorites, to see how their competition preparations are coming together.

Q: How have your training schedules been going for the Bonaire Freestyle finals?

KJ: "Actually I hardly haven't been out on my freestyle board since the last WC event on Fuerte (July). Basically, because I returned to racing and had to get used to that discipline and equipment again. But once the Formula Windsurfing Worlds in Drankse were over it was back to freestyle for me. Unfortunately the conditions weren't so good. Nevertheless I had here and there some sessions and right now I am on Maui making the most out of the really strong wind conditions. Maybe all in all not the best preparation for the light wind Bonaire event - but for me any sailing time helps me improve my own performance"

DM: "I have been trying to train for the last two months really hard, since Sylt, especially knowing that the level it really, really hard right now within the girls. There has not much luck with the wind lately. I was in Maui two weeks and a half, since the middle until the end October, and there was no wind at all. Then I went to South Africa for one week which it was cool and I was able to sail a bit on 5.0 and 5.9, and now back in Maui it's blowing up to 40 knots of wind"

IM: "It's been good, just that in Maui has been too much wind to train the Bonaire conditions (I heard it is light winds over there)..."

Q: What equipment are you going to take?

KJ: "I've got a brand new freestyle board. Basically it's an exact copy from the new F2 Comp Style (Production board) that will be released on the 1st of January 2004. Right now on Maui I'm still using my "old" freestyle sails from Arrows. But my new ones are already on the way and should arrive any day now. I heard loads of good things about them so I'm pretty sure they'll be my choice for Bonaire"

DM: "Top secret bombs... probably three freestyle boards (different sizes) and that's pretty much all. I have never been there but I heard it's always light winds"

IM: "Probably my big sails (5,0. to 5,9) and three freestyle boards"

Q. Have you any new moves you are working on?

KJ: "Endless new moves. Especially the "flaka" and all kind of switch stand stuff. But to be honest I concentrate also on the "old" things. In a competition you get judged on your whole routine and not the one-big-move you pass only every second day. Therefore I don't expect to be ready showing off much new stuff yet on Bonaire"

DM: "There are a lot of moves going on now on tour, but I have been concentrating making perfect the ones I know already and have a routine to be able to make a better heat, nothing else"

IM: "Yes I have some moves...but will keep it secret until the competition"

Q: Are you getting nervous?

KJ: "Not nervous - but anxious to go and compete again. It'll be a full 4 months without any freestyle competition... So we have to see what everybody learned since the last time. I bet there are many new moves around. It will be once again a great competition to watch!"

DM: "If I get to sail a bit longer on bigger sails then I am sure it will all be fine. It's just a matter of forgetting my 3.2 back home and take the 5.9 to the water"

IM: "I don't get nervous anymore...I just get excited!! Too excited!"

Q: How long will you be in Bonaire prior to the event?

KJ: "Just two days. I planed a much longer stay on Bonaire - especially because we had such a good time last year. And there is no better place to train and learn. But now F2 planned the freeride photo shoot on Maui till the end of November. Therefore I have to stay as long as possible on Hawaii. Guess it's not a too "bad" duty as well!"

DM: "One week to check out the action and sail with the locals!"

IM: "Daida and I will be there one week before the event because we never get to sail with light winds so we need to get used to the conditions"

Q: Who is going to win the title?

KJ: "Me!!! - And I bet Daida says exactly the same. If we wouldn't - we both would not be top athletes"

DM: "To tell you the truth I would like to say me so I don't have to compete in Bonaire... Ha, ha... I don't knoooow!!!!... It will be between my sister, Karin and myself. I am actually pretty happy I won the waves already so I go there with a bit of advantage that way. I have something in my hands and going for another one with all my energy, nothing to loose and a lot to win!"

IM: "We will see.....the overall points are very tight at the moment"

Q: What will you do to celebrate if you win?

KJ: "Drink a lot of beer with Daida. Then fly home and celebrate with my family in Switzerland for a night before heading down straight to Western Australia for the best and endless windsurfing sessions. That'll be the true celebration!"

DM: "I will dedicate the title to all those people have been always in my heart. If I win it will be the very first time I win the freestyle title.... A bit of party won't be bad!"

IM: "We will see as well...I think it depends on how hard or how good I sail"
Vivienne Masters (As Amended by ISAF Secretariat)
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