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10 February 2003, 11:48 am
Wind Goes Light Once More for Kingfisher2
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Kingfisher2's progress south is once again being hampered by light winds caused by the South Atlantic High. Life is steadily reducing itself to basics as Ellen gives us her latest thoughts from the boat.


Well, once again it's a beautiful night - though this time the wind is lighter... Our boat speed has been slower for several hours now as the new ridge of high pressure has moved over us from the east. Again we find ourselves in an unavoidable situation as the wind gods cast a shadow over our world...

Attitudes are changing on board in some ways now as life steadily reduces itself to basics. Quick washes in salt water, preserving the clothes that we have so few of and looking after every item. If something breaks or wears out we look for any task or repair it maight facilitate. I stuck some little cards up in the cuddies today with the tactics for the night on them - and I used sticky velcro. I had to see Jack for the velcro seeing that he had just 30 centimetres of it left. That's all - that's all that we have, and anything like that has to be regarded as precious.

For me today has been quite a tough one, and as I sit here typing I've had only three hours sleep in the past 24. I have been worrying about performance data, and feeding it up to the guys. Worried about spending time on deck talking about thoughts on doing things better. There do not seem enough hours in the day to achieve everything, but it's a challenge, a massive challenge and if ever I feel that I am struggling to achieve everthing at the level I am looking for, I always try to find the solution.

Today I drew myself out a daily timetable, a chart with the 24 hours in the day split into 15 minute blocks of time. I worked out what time I did what, how long it took, and where I wanted to be and when. This is such a large boat that things can happen in different areas completely independently. From the decks to the hulls, and even from the nav station to the galley - it's certainly hard to keep up to speed with everyone! But the chart is done, which includes each watch changeover, to weather, to interviews.. The only thing it doesn't include is sleep and food. I guess will have to slide them in somewhere! My time on deck today was fantastic, albeit a little frustraiting with the light breeze. The sea is now that deep blue, south atlantic blue which I think is a bluer blue than you can imagine. It's incredible just how much the colour of the can change; though I have noticed on this trip that these changes can happen and do happen very quickly.

It's been a tough day today, but a good day. I just hope and pray for our luck to change, and for the winds to be a little fresher soon....

Vital Statisiics

Ahead/Behind the record: 10 hours 30 minutes behind Orange
Ahead/Behind Geronimo: 41 hours 02 minutes behind Geronimo
DAY 11 24 hour run (point to point) : Kingfisher2 355 nm, Orange 435 nm, 495 Geronimo nm
End DAY 11 distance to go (on theoretical course) : KF2 20664 nm, Orange 20496 nm, Geronimo 20007 nm
Click on POSITIONS link at to see graphic images comparing the tracks of these 3 challengers at 4 hourly intervals.

Av/Max boat speed in last hour: 10.17 / 14.0 knots Heading: 212
Av/Max wind speed in last hour: 6.91 / 10.5 knots Wind direction: 121
Distance to WP4 35 00'S / 24 00'W entrance to Southern Ocean : 1115 nm (theorectical shortest distance)
Kingfisher Media/ISAF News Editor
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