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26 August 2003, 09:34 am
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ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing

New Q&A's Published regarding question relating to determining tack once mainsail is lost and question relating to Prescription to Part 7.
Any IJ or MNA may submit a question to the panel via the ISAF Secretariat in Southampton (by Email, post or fax). The panel might rephrase the question to make it more concise, and will provide an answer. If the question has already been answered, the questioner will be given, or referred to, the already published Q&A. Those Q&As considered to be of general interest will be posted on the ISAF website.

Unlike the ISAF Cases, which are authoritative interpretations and explanations of the rules, these answers are solely to assist judges in applying the rules in a consistent way.

With the 2001-2004 rules now in force since 1 April 2001 all 'old' Questions and Answers (relating to the 1997-2000 rules) were removed on that date.

The members of the Q&A Panel are: Neven Baran (CRO), Jim Capron (USA, Chairman) and Marianne Middelthon (NOR).

Q&A 123 - Issued 22 August 2003

During the last leg of a windy race, going straight downwind, following a gybe, the main got engaged on a spreader and blew in pieces. Not even a part of it was usable. It went all the way down and below deck. Running straight downwind I kept the storm spinnaker flying with the spinnaker pole on starboard side. I am overtaken by a boat on port tack.

What tack am I on? Does the position of the empty boom (over one side or the other) have any meaning on determining the tack?

Provided the boat remains on a course that is directly downwind, the boat will not change tack as a result of the mainsail blowing to pieces. The boat will remain on the tack she was on prior to the destruction of the mainsail. However, if she changes course from directly downwind with no mainsail set, her tack will correspond to her windward side.

Q&A 127 - Issued 22 August 2003

The Czech Sailing Association (CSJ) submitted several questions to the Q&A Service concerning the administration of the Czech Race Officials national program with respect to rules 87.2 and rule 86.1(a), and further asked how these questions and answers relate to ISAF Regulation 18.12. Questions on the application of ISAF Regulations may be made to the ISAF Secretary General. However, interpretations of ISAF Regulations may only be made by the ISAF Constitution Committee (see Regulations 3.1 and 3.2). The Q&A Service may only address questions regarding the Racing Rules of Sailing. Therefore, the following questions are answered with respect to the RRS only.

Question 1:
May the Prescription of an MNA state for an event where the MNA is not the Organizing Authority (but the event is held in the MNA's country) that Race Officials WILL BE APPOINTED by the MNA?

No. Rule 87.2 specifically states that the appointment of race officials lies with the organizing authority. Rule 86.1(a) prohibits a prescription of a national authority from changing a rule of Part 7. Rules 86 and 87.1 are rules of Part 7.

Question 2:
May the Prescription of the MNA for such an event state that Race Officials will be appointed by the Organizing Authority but SHALL BE APPROVED by the MNA?

No. See Answer 1 above. The MNA may not change a rule of Part 7 by prescription. If the event is owned or controlled by the MNA such as a national championship, the MNA may make approval of race officials a condition for hosting the event, but may not prescribe that condition in the RRS.

However, the MNA may write a prescription that its approval is required for the appointment of an International Jury for events under its jurisdiction. See rule 89(c).

Question 3:
May the Prescription of the MNA for such an event state that Race Officials SHALL COMPLY with criteria set by the MNA (for example to be at least NRO, NJ, NU...)?

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