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14 November 2008, 03:13 pm
2012 Olympic Sailing Equipment Vote - Latest From Madrid
The Olympic rings
Olympic equipment is up for debate in Madrid today

ISAF Annual Conference 2008
Madrid, Spain

The ISAF Council will today select the equipment for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition during their second day of meetings at the ISAF Annual Conference - get the latest news from Madrid here...
The ISAF Council will vote on the 2012 Olympic sailing equipment during the second day of their meeting at the ISAF Annual Conference in Madrid, Spain.

The Council has already decided on the following equipment:

Men's One Person Dinghy - Laser
Men's One Person Dinghy Heavy - Finn
Men's Two Person Dinghy - 470
Men's Two Person Dinghy High Performance - 49er
Men's Windsurfer - RS:X
Men's Keelboat - Star
Women's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial
Women's Windsurfer - RS:X

That leaves two events where equipment must be decided:

Women's Two Person Dinghy
Women's Keelboat Match Racing

Women's Two Person Dinghy

Choice: 470 or 29er XX

A lengthy debate in Madrid. The vote has been cast and now there's a 15 minute break whilst the votes are counted and the decision announced.

Teo Ping LOW (SIN), ISAF Vice-President spoke about the impact of the decision on sailing at the Asian Games, where the 470 has been included in the line up for 2010. "We're not against change, we're not against the equipment. We love the equipment. It's just a question of timing. But at the moment the status quo is less destructive. Any change in the equipment is a nail in the coffin of women's sailing in Asian," he said

John CREBBIN (IRL), Council member representing Group A: "We have very clear indications on the way forward. From the media and competitors - they want more excitement, more progress, more modern equipment. Our task is to look at the future."

Fiona KIDD (CAN), Council member representing Women's sailing: "The 29er has become a major component of youth development programmes. The time for the decision is now. If we do delay it, it will be 16 years before the women get the high performance option that is available for the men."

Kamen FILLYOV (BUL), Council member representing Group C, pointed to the global financial crisis, "It will be very difficult for every country to establish a new class."

Decision: 470 is selected as equipment for Women's Two Person Dinghy event.

Women's Keelboat Match Racing

Choice: Elliott 6m (Modified), J22, J24, J80, Laser SB3 (Match), Sonar, Star, Ultimate 20, Yngling

The Council has approved Submissions M03-08 and M04-08 so the choice of equipment for the Women's Keelboat Match Racing event can be a non-ISAF International Class when sailed at the Games and does not have to be decided at this meeting. However although the Council have approved Submission M04-08, which gives them the option of delaying the equipment decision, they have not yet decided whether or not they will take up this option.

Decision: Elliott 6m (modified) is selected as equipment for Women's Keelboat Match Racing event.

Background To The Decision

The ISAF Council is the final decision-making body of ISAF and their decision on the 2012 Olympic equipment is one of the key issues set to be decided at this year's ISAF Annual Conference.

The debate over the Olympic equipment has been one of the hot topics in the meeting rooms of Madrid over the past week. The Match Racing, Women's Sailing, Equipment and Events Committees of ISAF have all looked at the issue and their recommendations have been collated and passed on to the Council to inform their decision.

The choice for Olympic equipment is governed by the rules in ISAF Regulations 16 ( In summary, the key aspects of this are:

Ahead Of The Equipment Decision

- The Olympic equipment shall be decided four years before the Games by the ISAF Council
- For equipment to be considered as Olympic equipment there must be a valid Equipment Submission received by the ISAF Secretariat by 15 March (ISAF Regulation 16.1.2).
- Based on these Equipment Submissions, the ISAF Council draw up a list of possible equipment at the ISAF Mid-Year Meeting in May. The reason for any equipment not being on the list is that no valid Equipment Submission was received or the Class/Owners Association indicated to ISAF they do not want to be on the list.

The Equipment Decision

Factors for the Council to consider in making their decision are:

- Only International Classes shall sail in the Olympic Sailing Competition

- Criteria for selecting Events & Equipment is:

(i) allow athletes around the world, male, female and of different sizes and weights to participate;

(ii) give the best sailors in each country the opportunity to participate in readily accessible equipment;

(iii) combine both traditional and modern events and classes, to reflect, display and promote competitive sailing;

(iv) include at least two events for men and two events for women designed to maximise excitement, innovation, public and media appeal; and

(v) meet the International Olympic Committee's criteria (if any) for participation in the Olympic Programme and achieve the current International Olympic Committee's objective (if any) for the minimum level of participation for women;

Additional Considerations

At this Conference there are also two Submissions M03-08 and M04-08, which impact on the equipment decision. These refer specifically to the new Women's Keelboat Match Racing event and if passed would have the following implications.

- M03-08: allow a non-International Class to sail at the Olympic Sailing Competition
- M04-08: remove the require to choose the equipment at the Council meeting four years in advance of the Games

Below is a summary of the Olympic events for 2012 and the list of possible equipment in each event drawn up by the ISAF Council, following on Equipment Submissions received by ISAF.

2012 Olympic Events

Men's Windsurfer
Women's Windsurfer
Women's One Person Dinghy
Men's One Person Dinghy
Men's One Person Dinghy (Heavy)
Women's Two Person Dinghy
Men's Two Person Dinghy
Men's Two Person Dinghy (High Performance)
Women's Keelboat Match Racing
Men's Keelboat

2012 Olympic Equipment List

Event Equipment
Men's Windsurfer Formula One Design
Women's Windsurfer Formula One Design
Women's One Person Dinghy Byte CII
Laser Radial
Men's One Person Dinghy Europe
International Moth
Musto Performance Skiff
Men's One Person Dinghy (Heavy) Finn
Musto Performance Skiff
Women's Two Person Dinghy 29er XX
Men's Two Person Dinghy 470
Men's Two Person Dinghy (High Performance) 470
Women's Keelboat Match Racing Elliott 6m (Modified)
Laser SB3 (Match)
Ultimate 20
Men's Keelboat Star

For full details of the equipment list and voting procedure, view the Council minutes from the ISAF Mid-Year meetings, available from

The full list of valid Equipment Submissions received was:

29er XX
Byte CII
Flying 15**
Formula One Design
Hobie 16**
Hobie Tiger*
International Moth
Laser Radial
Laser SB3 (M)
Melges 24**
Musto Performance Skiff
Nacra F18*
'Sport boat' - a new ISAF Match Racing Design and Match Racing Equipment proposed by the 2012 Olympic Games organizer
Ultimate 20

*Note: Council added a proviso that 'the selection of equipment for dinghy events for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition will not be open to multihulls'.
**Note: This classes were not added to list of possible equipment as Class Association confirmed it did not want to be considered as Olympic equipment.

Visit the ISAF Meeting microsite at for all the latest news from the Council meetings, reports on the key issues discussed so far in Madrid, meeting papers and more.
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