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5 August 2002, 09:49 am
Day Two
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Cowes Week
Cowes, Isle of Wight

Day two of Skandia Life Cowes Week dawned in similar fashion to day one, but for some who had started their celebrations the night before, it might have dawned a trifle early.

As always, the Cowes night life was in full swing from the moment the boats reached the shore. The beer tent was full -fuller when the occasional shower drove the revellers from the open areas - the whole of the High Street seething with life along its whole length, the clubs full to bursting, the balls packed, the night club heaving until 0200 and Club Submerged at Shephards Wharf torpedoing every intention for an early night.

Forecasting the weather so far this week has been a minefield, but the Cowes Combined Clubs forecaster Chris Tibbs was expecting reasonable winds at the start, followed by a sea breeze from the South West later on. In the event, he was just about spot on, with the only hiatus occurring when the sea breeze fought its battle with the gradient wind - and won - but not before a short period of calms just at the time of the Class 7 and 8 starts.

With Class 0 away on the committee boat line over near Newtown, the first boats away on the Squadron line were the Etchells, the ebbing tide keeping most of them clear of the line - and some too far away for sensible racing. Messers Woodman, Proudlove and Ford's Fuzzy Duck IV made a good start and built on it throughout the race, coming home in front, though with a protest against them. Starting first, the Etchells were first to finish too, coming home in time for lunch - well, the leaders did. The laggards were still coming in almost an hour later. . .

Class 2 IRC were the first boats away on the outer line, initiating proceedings for the Black Group. Richard Bagnall at the helm of Danebury Exabyte 2, an IMX 40, bagged the start, on the line at the gun, chased by a gaggle of Prima 38s (Any suggestions for a collective noun for a group of Primas welcome - Pride perhaps?). Danebury Exabyte 2 held on throughout the day to finish in front on the water and by a comfortable six minutes on handicap from Jonathan Perry's Prima Firestorm.

In Class 4 the HOD 35s seem to be coming good after a few years when they were being regularly being beaten on corrected time. Today Mr Delaclave and Mrs Butcher's Dog Tag won from the Elan 33 Triple A with Flair, Captain Jim MacGregor, followed by another HOD, Tim Harrington's Capitali$m. Peter Bruce won a slow start in Owl, but seemed to slip back during the race, coming home six minutes after Capitali$m - hit a rock perhaps?

Back in the keelboat classes on the White Group start line, there was a great difference of opinion between those who started under spinnaker and passed to leeward of the Trinity House vessel Patricia and those who started under headsail and stayed to windward of the big black ship. In classes like the Squibs and the Victorys as well as the X boats - boats with small spinnakers - it was clear that it was better to wait before setting the spinnaker.

When the combined Flying Fifteen and K6 class started, the poor Flying Fifteens, giving away more than 50 years in heritage to the K6s, were unable to set their symmetrical spinnakers, but the asymmetrics flown by the K6s soon drew them into a massive advantage. Team Purple led immediately, and were seen to cross the finishing line on their own some time later, but the results sheet shows Paul Young's Stalking Horse the winner from Martin Wadham's Fat Face - the boat, not Martin - and Peter Kirkby's Pippi.

The poor X One Designs started just as the wind was dying, the stalemate between the gradient wind and the sea breeze reigning for a short while. Stephen Laurence's Catherine took an initial lead, but soon slipped into the pack as the fleet stopped in Cowes Roads. By the finish, however, the status quo had been restored, with yesterday's upset for the Jardine twins being overturned. Stuart Jardine took the top slot with Lone Star, but the minor places saw a few new names - James Meaning and George Alford's Arrow followed by Alistair Ashford's Relaxation. What is going on with the rest of the Jardine clan, Adrian and the young whipper snapper Mark?

Talking about Whipper Snappers, yesterday the Sigma 33 of that name messed up the finish and slipped from contention for the lead into 4th, but today they got most of it right as they finished 2nd to Daid and Fiona Crawforth's Sigress, with Steve Sault's Hooligan in 3rd. There seems to be great camaraderie between these two boats if the cheering and jeering was anything to go by.

If consistency counts, then GlynnWilliams must have run out of fingers already with his IC45 Wolf winning in Class 0 and the IRM Class 0, though John Shepherd's Fair Do's V did even better, winning Class 1, Class 1 IRM and the Ker 11.3 class.

A feature of the racing at Cowes over recent years is the increasing number of classes that count design results in the handicap classes, for instance the Ker 11.3s, but also the Prima 38s in Class 2, the Beneteau 40.7s in Class 3, the HODs in Class 4 and the various sportsboats - particularly the Cork 1720s. By the way, did you know that the 3rd overall in the Sportsboat class, Hybrid Challenger, and by inference 3rd overall in the Cork 1720s, is skippered by Jonny Marshall, just 17 years old, recently returned from the Youth Worlds in Canada and crewed by a team made up of current and past RYA Youth Squad members?

In the middle of the day the starts for Classes 7, 8 and 9 were affected by the only really flat period of wind. The sun was out so it wasn't too bad, but the boats did sit on the line for a while, to the extent that Class 8 was postponed to wait until Class 7 had drifted away. But the promised sea breeze soon made itself felt and indeed by the time the majority of the fleets were finishing there was enough wind to catch out quite a few boats. A handful of broaches occurred and the Dehler 39 Ragazza, owned by Nico Poons visiting from Holland, sailed home with their spinnaker very neatly wrapped around the forestay in the classic hour-glass that can only be resolved by sending a crew member up the mast to sort out the mess. Surprisingly, they didn't seem too upset by their mishap.

The weather should be stabilising overnight, hopefully bringing sensible south westerly winds, warm sunny conditions and ideal conditions for Skandia Life Cowes Week 2002.


Class 0 IRC
1, Wolf (Glynn Williams & Kevin Sproul)
2, Spirit Of Jethou (Mr Peter Ogden)
3, Flirt (Richard Matthews & Dr Jose Alvarez)

Class 0 IRM
1, Wolf (Glynn Williams & Kevin Sproul)
2, Team Tonic (Nick Hewson)
3, Tonnerre De Breskens (Peter Vroon)

Class 1 IRC
1, Fair Do'S V (John Shepherd)
2, Carphone Warehouse (Charles Dunstone)
3, Kirribilli (Douglas & Lynne Flynn)

Class 1 IRM
1, Fair Do'S V (John Shepherd)
2, 2Xl (Emergent Asset Mangement - David Murrin)
3, Kung Fu Fighter (Rob Greenhalgh)

Ker 11.3
1, Fair Do'S V (John Shepherd)
2, Kung Fu Fighter (Rob Greenhalgh)
3, Minnie The Moocher (Anthony Richards)

Class 2 IRC
1, Danebury Exabyte 2 (Danebury Vinyards)
2, Weerga (Wessel Liezenga)
3, Firestorm (Jonathan Perry)

Prima 38
1, Firestorm (Jonathan Perry)
2, Serendip (Paul King)
2, White Knuckles (Mervyn Hughes)

Class 3 IRC
1, Reet Petite (Team Disco Inferno - Matt Abbliss)
2, Salvo (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)
3, London Clipper (Robert Sauven)

Beneteau 40.7
1, Royalblue Addict (Austin, Fitton & Handley)
2, Fastwave (St James's Place Partnership)
3, Fulcrum First Challenger (Fulcrum Trading)

Class 4 IRC
1, Dog Tag (Mr J Delacave & Mrs B Butcher)
2, Triple A With Flair (Captain Jim MacGregor)
3, Capitali$M (Tim Harrington)

HOD 35
1, Dog Tag (Mr J Delacave & Mrs B Butcher)
2, Capitali$M (Tim Harrington)
3, Owl (Peter Bruce)

Class 5 IRC
1, Prime Cut (Peter Parker)
2, Great Scott II (Eurof Phillips & Barbara MacKay)
3, Electra (Mike Tatterall)

Class 6 IRC
1, Dick Dastardly (Guy Nicholls and Partners)
2, Spirit Of Defiance (Mark Jephcott)
3, N.F.I. (Jonathan Holmes)

Class 7 IRC
1, Madelaine (Edward Donald)
2, Pink Lime (Nick Houlding)
3, Dynamite (John Mcintosh)

Class 8 ISC
1, Moonlight Saunter (David & Jennie Skinner)
2, Mikado (Michael Briggs QC)
3, Iona (David Clementi)

Class 9 ISC
1, Hannchen (Colin Dobner)
2, Rio (Mike Shepherd)
3, So! (Simon Osgood)

Class 10 IRC Bowsprit
1, Judgement Day (Mr & Mrs N Brooke)
2, Jezebel (Philip Swatman & Bruce Isles)
3, Jacob'S Ladder (David Hunt)

1, Forza (Jack & Joan Hardie)
2, Moby J (Mark Franklin)
3, Vampire (David Moore)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (D Richards, R Rouse & T V Anner)
2, Gualin (David & Mary Parson)
3, Drum Beat (Eldred Himworth)

Mumm 30
1, Mumbo Jumbo (Hugh Courtenay)
2, Marauder (Tim Barclay)
3, Monkey Business (David Wilkinson, Ian Poynton & Peter Edwards)

Sigma 33
1, Sigress (Daid & Fiona Crawforth)
2, Whippa Snappa (Richard J Puddifoot)
3, Hooligan (Steve Sault)

Sigma 38
1, Prophet (Grenville Snowdon)
2, Rapscallion (Pete Diamond)
3, Red Arrow (RAFSA)

Sunsail 37
1, 77 Bdo Stoy Hayward Team 1 (Adrian Martin)
2, 55 Pinsent Curtis Biddle (Peter Stanley)
3, 54 Polypipe Plc (Sunsail)

1, Yellow Rose (Marten Jan Ringers)
2, Pittolo Bill (Ian W Smyth)
3, X-Therapist (Russell Hodgson)

1, Darius (T M Parr, G S V Kenyon & M A Dunlaevy)
2, Dionysus (Bruce Huber & Jonathan Goodwin)
3, Division Belle (C N C Hill, Lt Col B J W Green, M C Sillars & J Reynolds)

Hunter 707
1, Doh! (Tom Davidson & Andrew Aldwinckle)
2, Betty (Jon Powell)
3, Impromptu-Too.1 (Peter Sonksen)

National Sonata
1, So (Neil McLure & Keith Stewart)
2, Cobweb (Matt Glasgow)
3, Missred (Toby Gorman)

International Dragon
1, Etc Hell (Graham Bailey)
2, Frantic (Eric Williams)
3, Water Rat (Ian Ratnage)

International Etchells
1, Fuzzy Duck IV (Woodman, Proudlove & Ford)
2, Pointless (Messrs Ewart-Smith & Richards)
3, Love Shack (Tim Spalding & Gareth Lloyd-Jones)

International Flying Fifteen
1, Funny Enuff (John Mander)
2, Saffina (Roger Palmer)
3, Affore The Weak (Nick Clarke)

National Squib
1, Firecracker Too (Andrew Porteous & Jerry Westbrook)
2, Firestreak (Miss Sarah Everitt)
3, Archimedes (Mark Heseltine & David Searle)

National Swallow
1, Serenade (Mr & Mrs Hugh Kemlo)
2, Boomerang (Jeremy & Gilda Buckwell)
3, Archon (Prof Malcolm Green)

1, Lady Laetitia (William F Clegg, William H Clegg & Erik Cole)
2, Avocet (Michael, Donna Sue, Rupert & Nicola MacInnes)
3, Siskin (Mr T Montagu Douglas Scott & Miss A Montagu Douglass Scott)

1, Stalking Horse (Paul Young)
2, Fat Face (Martin Wadhams)
3, Pippi (Peter Kirkby)

Seaview Mermaid
1, Zara (Will Caws & John Betchley)
2, Adastra (Charles Tilley)
3, Bluebell (David Rowley, David Stevens & Anthony Roberts)

Solent Sunbeam
1, Daisy (Dr Mike Moss & Mike Law)
2, Penny (Peter Mazzotti, Richard Dale & Stfan Olszowski)
3, Query (Tim Hill)

1, Josh (Pete Matthews)
2, Bertie (Simon Barter)
3, Geronimo (Day & Hamilton)

Sportsboats Rule
1, Boondoggle (Phillip & Michaela Allen)
2, Sdm (Neil Angel)
3, Hybrid Challenger (Jonny Marshall)

Bull 7000
1, Seeing Red (Phil Cornick)
2, Hullabulloo (Martin Forster)
3, Rustler (Robin & Jill Stevenson)

Cork 1720
1, Boondoggle (Phillip & Michaela Allen)
2, Sdm (Neil Angel)
3, Hybrid Challenger (Jonny Marshall)

Laser SB3
1, Laser Sb3 (Richard Gibson, Nico Honor & Sandy McPhail)
2, Wee Jamarama (Stewart Hawthorn)
3, Proctor Winning Masts (Zeb Elliot, Chips Howorth & Neil MacGregor)

1, Variety (Janet Dee & Robert Parkin)
2, Minx (D M Freeman & A Terry)
3, Steadfast (Roddy Bowerman)

X One Design
1, Lone Star (Stuart Jardine)
2, Arrow (James Meaning & George Alford)
3, Relaxation (Alistair Ashford)
Cowes Week Press/News Editor
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