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5 September 2002, 11:45 am
Your Feedback Part 5
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Rule 42, Measurement and Other Performance Infringements

Your feedback continues to be received to the original comments published on 26 August by ISAF President, Paul Henderson.
Harry Keith

Not obeying the rules is a fact of life. If there is a chance we might get caught speeding, we only drive 62 in a 55 mph zone because we feel we can get away with it. We pump, skull, and bounce a few times when a few judges are round for the same reason. When we see a policeman, we
slow to the speed limit. When judges are close by, our performance is 42 perfect. When the roads are very crowded (they can not catch us) we work up towards 75 to 80. Rule 42 does not exist if there are no judges on the course.

At the low to mid levels of our sport there aren't any judges on the course and full kinetics must be used if you are going to do well.

Therefore, coaches must teach the art of kinetic boat propulsion to keep their job. It is only in a very few racing situations that adequate funds and resources are available to even come close to properly enforcing Rule 42. I was just on the Jury for a large regatta with Gold and Silver Laser and Laser Radial on two courses and there were no on the water judges. Kinetics was rampant. What resources would it have taken to properly police several hundred boats in four classes on two circles? It sure is a shock for the competitors when they show up at a yellow flag regatta.

I believe that it would help if the Class defined what is best for the Class and not the rule writers (let the speed limit be defined by the average driver). I have found that Rule 42 works best in classes that have modified the rule for their class and then adopted it (Lightning, Mistral (like it or not), Fireballs among others). All ISAF Classes should be required to adopt their own version of Rule 42 complete with guide lines for protest/enforcement:

Is Appendix N to be used; is three skulls to the right followed by three to the left OK, etc?. It would
then be their rule that they have approved and believe is proper for their Class. Hopefully the competitors will also help in its enforcement and the judges will know exactly what the Class wants.

Rogério Albuquerque, Brazilian Sailor

I don't agree thar alowing kinetics will tilt the player field to the strong rather than to the talented. In my opinion, who will gain with that will be the strongest talented sailor.

If you use kinetics badly, it will slow you instead of give you more speed.

If two sailors have the same "talent", for me looks fair that the stronger should take advantage of his power. Isn´t this other sports´ main point. The strongest wins. To take advantage using kinetics, you have to be very talented too.

I think rule 42 should be deleted.

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The President Speaks - Original Article on Rule 42, Measurement and Other Performance Infringements

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