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20 June 2005, 10:53 am
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PWA World Tour 2005 - Guincho
Guincho, Portugal

Matt PRITCHARD (USA) won the 2005 Estoril Guincho PWA World Cup in Portugal after the wind died during the double elimination yesterday. This left single elimination winner PRITCHARD with the title, after his victory in Saturday's final over Brazil's Kauli SEADI.
The final day of the 2005 Estoril Guincho PWA World Cup continued with the the double elimination started on Saturday. In the final two heats of the second round, Andy WOLFF (GER) knocked out Leo RAY (FRA) while in the same heat Moroccan rubberman Boujamaa GUILLOUL came out smiling against Marcos PÉREZ (ESP). The last heat of round two had to be re-sailed three times due to lack of wind, but in the end Kai KATCHADOURIAN (USA) was too strong for Graham EZZY (USA) and Cyril MOUSSILMANI (FRA) out sailed his compatriot Antoine ALBEAU (FRA) with his radical backside airs.

Round three saw Xavier HUART (FRA) advancing at the cost of John HIBBARD (GBR) and Klaas VOGET (GER) taking out Jonas CEBALLOS (ESP) in spite of CEBALLOS' huge backside aerials. Yannick ANTON (FRA) proceeded to the next round by beating fellow Frenchman Yann SORLUT, while Nik BAKER (GBR) showed Matt PEARCH (GBR) how it is done with some radical table top forwards. Vidar JENSEN (NOR) came out the stronger man against Greg ALLAWAY (AUS) and Thomas TRAVERSA (FRA) won from Peter VOLWATER (NED). In the next heat, GUILLOUL was terminated by WOLFF and MOUSSILMANI continued his rise to the top by knocking KATCHADOURIAN out of the game.

In the next round, the big names that were taken out in the single elimination ware waiting for yesterday's winners. HUART provided the first surprise of the day by sending off Jason POLAKOW (AUS). Meanwhile Bjorn DUNKERBECK (NED) showed VOGET exactly why he has won the overall title 13 times in a row and advanced. Ross WILLIAMS (GBR) was sailing strong against ANTON, but not strong enough to make it through. It was a close heat between Francisco PORCELLA (USA) and BAKER, with PORCELLA riding it hard and sticking a radical pushloop, but in the end it was BAKER with his tabletop forwards and strong waveriding who moved up the ladder.

Diony GUADAGNINO (VEN) went all out against JENSEN with a radical pushloop and an audacious double forward attempt, which proved to be enough knock out the Norwegian. In the same heat TRAVERSA threw in a massive tabletop and some powerful backside aerials to shake up Kevin PRITCHARD (USA), but PRITCHARD would not have it, as he was in form with long waverides and a tabletop forward that brought him the favour of the judges. Josh ANGULO (USA) blocked MOUSSILMANI's path to the podium with his trademark one-handed backloop and solid backside and frontside riding. Levi SIVER (USA) impressed judges and spectators alike with big backloops, tabletops and radical backside riding, advancing at the expense of WOLFF.

In heat 58, HUART hit the DUNKERBECK-wall and was knocked out by the legendary E-11 who put up a strong and steady performance with long rides and a clean big backloop. BAKER sent ANTON home empty handed with his big backside airs and forwards and backloops. Next heat was an all American duel between ANGULO and SIVER. SIVER went in hard with a big backloop, which ANGULO responded to with a tabletop and a backloop of his own. Both sailors were charging the waves aggressively, but as ANGULO stuck a perfect one-handed backloop, he took the win over SIVER. On the other side of the heat, Kevin PRITCHARD took out GUADAGNINO. PRITCHARD scored valuable points with a high forward, while GUADAGNINO could not seem to find any waves in the beginning. While he recovered later on with a big backside aerial, the damage was done and PRITCHARD moved on.

First heat up was another young versus old with Julien TABOULET (FRA) having a go at Kevin PRITCHARD and Victor FERNANDEZ (ESP) comparing skills with ANGULO. While the wind started to pick up, TABOULET started off with a stalled forward. PRITCHARD's reply was a backloop, but he did not quite stick the landing. Both TABOULET and PRITCHARD then landed a clean tabletop forward on the same wave, keeping the suspense right up. TABOULET pulled off a nice backside air, while PRITCHARD made a forward on the wave to boost his waveriding scores. While it was close, at the sound of the horn it was PRITCHARD who was still in the game at the expense of the Frenchman.

In the other half of the heat, FERNANDEZ turned some heads by beating Hawaii Pro winner ANGULO. FERNANDEZ started off with a pushloop, followed shortly after by a super late forward and a twisted one-handed tabletop. ANGULO had a big tabletop and a massive backloop attempt, which was not enough to beat FERNANDEZ's jumping score. In the waveriding department the Spaniard made a forward on the wave and had a good frontside aerial considering the conditions and while ANGULO went for a frontside 360 at the horn, it was the young generation in the form of FERNANDEZ that took the victory this time.

On the other end of the ladder, it was a clash of the titans as Scott MCKERCHER (AUS) was up against DUNKERBECK. DUNKERBECK opened up strong with a forward followed by two backloops. Mckercher crashed out on his first tabletop, but redeemed himself with a forward, a pushloop and a spectacular one-handed tabletop. DUNKERBECK went for the frontside 360 twice, but did not make it both times. When the smoke cleared, Mckercher was the one to advance. In the same heat, Robby SWIFT (GBR) beat fellow Brit BAKER. BAKER was still on a role, standing two perfect tabletop forwards, but it was SWIFT who added more variation to his jumping repertoire with a backloop, a tabletop, a pushloop and a radical double forward attempt. Combined with some high backside airs, SWIFT moved on to meet Mckercher in the next round.

In that next round, MCKERCHER and SWIFT amazed the crowds by doing a simultaneous pushloop of the same wave. Both riders caught some good waves riding in, but Mckercher finished SWIFT off with another pushloop, a tabletop and a backloop.

Kevin PRITCHARD claimed the other half of the heat by beating FERNANDEZ in one of the closest heats of the contest. Both sailors were riding hard, making the most of the onshore conditions. FERNANDEZ then showed the world he is a force to be reckoned with by pulling off the move of the day and possibly the contest; a sick and super radical pushloop tabletop combination. PRITCHARD in return went big with a huge one footed backloop, which would in the end prove to bring him the win.

As John SKYE (GBR), MCKERCHER, Alex MUSSOLINI (ESP) and Kevin PRITCHARD hit the water to battle it out for a spot in the heat against SEADI, the wind instantly died never to return again, leaving the double elimination unfinished. And so Matt PRITCHARD keeps the 2005 Guincho crown thanks to his win over SEADI in the single elimination on Saturday, with SEADI in second place, MUSSOLINI in third and SKYE in fourth.

Looking back at Saturday's single elimination which was eventually to decide the title, the semi final got underway in lighter winds than earlier in the day. SEADI lined up against SKYE, whilst PRITCHARD took on MUSSOLINI. SEADI kept up his day's winning form with big backloops, a radical one footed backloop attempt and a air chachoo attempt and aggressive waveriding throwing in a flaka on the waveface while he was at it. SKYE scored big points with a high pushloop and two forwards, but the Brazilian proved to be too strong for SKYE. MUSSOLINI put down a radical performance with massive pushloops and powerful rides, while PRITCHARD threw in forwards, backloops and pushloops like there was no tomorrow. In the end, it was the American's experience that pulled him through to the final to meet SEADI.

Both SEADI and PRITCHARD opened the final with a big waveride all the way to the beach. PRITCHARD then went on with an absurd backloop, while SEADI caught some good rides. Next both riders picked up a big set outside and were riding it in unison in radical style. SEADI was ripping it up with frontside rides and a strong aerial, as PRITCHARD did some solid waveriding himself, crashing on a goiter at the sound of the horn. SEADI did his part with a goiter as well, but as it was just after the horn it did not count for the final score. The decision was close, but in the end PRITCHARD came out number one in a three to two jury call.

'It's been a long day, but I guess my consistency paid off in the end,' commented PRITCHARD on his victory. 'In the final I caught a big wave right at the gun and rode it all the way in to the beach doing lots of turns. Against someone like Kauli you really have to go for it and that's exactly what I did.'

In the losers' final, MUSSOLINI took third place over SKYE. Both riders gave away a great show with fluent rides and big aerials, but MUSSOLINI came out strongest. After the single elimination, the double got underway. The results of that so far are in the link below.

The PWA tour is now packing up and moving onto the Canary Islands. First stop is Pozo, Gran Canaria for the third wave contest of the season and the second freestyle event of the year.

PWA/Axel van Weel (As Amended By ISAF). Image, Winner, Matt PRITCHARD:© PWA/Troostheide
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