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8 July 2007, 03:00 pm
470 Reports
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ISAF Sailing World Championships 2007
Cascais, Portugal

Reports from the 470 class in Cascais.
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Cascais Photo Galleries

The Basics

Event: Men's Two Person Dinghy
Equipment: 470
Fleet size: 115
Olympic qualification places: 21
Reigning World Champion: Nick ASHER and Elliott WILLIS (GBR)
Reigning Olympic Champion: Paul FOERSTER and Kevin BURNHAM (USA)

Event: Women's Two Person Dinghy
Equipment: 470
Fleet size: 74
Olympic qualification places: 13
Reigning World Champion: Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED)
Reigning Olympic Champion: Sofia BEKATOROU and Emilia TSOULFA (GRE)

470 Runners and Riders

Men's 470 Top Ten

Pos Nation Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 MR Pts
1 AUS Nathan WILMOT Malcolm PAGE 1 6 2 2 1 6 2 4 (30) 6 30
2 NED Sven COSTER Kalle COSTER 6 14 2 1 6 3 8 2 (33) 12 54
3 ISR Gideon KLIGER Udi GAL 4 5 26 (39) 1 1 4 7 4 10 62
4 POR Alvaro MARINHO Miguel NUNES 2 8 14 1 (15) 12 3 1 2 20 63
5 AUS Mathew BELCHER Nick BEHRENS 21 5 6 4 4 4 7.3 7.3 (39) 8 66.6
6 CRO Sime FANTELA Igor MARENIC 8 16 5 (21) 2 15 1 10 8 2 67
7 FRA Benjamin BONNAUD Romain BONNAUD 7 13 5 1 4 18 5 (19) 1 14 68
8 GBR Nick ROGERS Joe GLANFIELD 7 1 1 (39) 3 7 7 33 6 4 69
9 ESP Onan BARREIROS Aaaron SARMIENTO (14) 7 10 3 7 14 6 5 10 18 80
10 USA Stuart MCNAY Graham BIEHL 3 7 5 6 14 11 (17) 14 13 16 89

Full Men's 470 Results

Women's 470 Top Ten

Pos Nation Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 MR Pts
1 NED Marcelien DE KONING Lobke BERKHOUT (4) 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 8 19
2 FRA Ingrid PETITJEAN Nadege DOUROUX 5 (25) 2 1 6 3 1 2 2 16 38
3 GBR Christina BASSADONE Saskia CLARK (13) 1 1 8 3 13 4 7 3 2 42
4 JPN Ai KONDO Naoko KAMATA 1 6 (10) 4 5 2 5 6 9 10 48
5 SWE Therese TORGERSSON Vendela ZACHREISSON 3 5 3 2 1 (33) 11 10 6 14 55
6 ITA Giulia CONTI Giovanna MICOL 5 3 5 (33) 8 16 8 5 7 4 61
7 BRA Fernanda OLIVEIRA Isabel SWAN (17) 11 6 6 4 11 17 3 4 12 74
8 ISR Nike KORNECKI Vered BOUSKILA 6 10 3 9 10 6 9 27 (29) 6 86
9 FRA Camille LECOINTRE Gwendolyn LEMAITRE 3 9 8 5 11 7 (19) 14 12 18 87
10 USA Erin MAXWELL Isabelle KINSOLVING (26) 19 4 3 13 10 3 19 11 20 102

Full Women's 470 Results

Click here to view the nations which have qualified for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition

13 July

Gold To Australia And The Netherlands

By Rick van Wijngaarden

The ISAF Sailing World Championships were concluded today by two exciting Medal Races in the 470 Men and Women, with Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED) winning the gold medal in the 470 Women, and Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE (AUS) in the 470 Men.

470 Women

At 16:20 the 470 women entered the Arena to line up for the final Medal Race. Title defenders DE KONING and BERKHOUT looked liked they were on their way to claim the title for the third time in a row, with their only threat Ingrid PETITJEAN and Nadege DOUROUX (FRA).

After the starting signal, the Dutch women parked their boat above the French to get control, and it did not take long until they managed to increase their distance on them. Christina BASSADONE and Saskia CLARK (GBR) took an early and major lead in the race, and so they secured their position for bronze. An eighth position was enough for the French 470 women to take silver.

470 Men

The World title was almost certain for WILMOT and PAGE even before the men's Medal Race as they held an 18-point lead. The Aussies made no mistake to claim their third World Championship title in four years.

The battle for the silver medal though was hot, with COSTER and Kalle COSTER (NED) only one point ahead of Alvaro MARINHO and Miguel NUNES (POR), sailing on home waters.

In the men's Medal Race it was Sime FANTELA and Igor MARENIC (CRO) who broke loose, leaving the rest of the fleet controlling each other in a tight battle for medals. Although it was a nice ending of the event for them, medals were out of reach.

The Dutch sailed a good race and managed to stay in front of the Portuguese. Unexpectedly Gideon KLIGER and Udi GAL (ISR) managed to get in front of the Dutch while the Portuguese fell back to finally end the race in last position.

The 470 Men from Israel did not really expect to win a medal after a bad start in the event. 'We were lucky that we got into the gold fleet, then we almost missed the Medal Race, and finally we take home the bronze medal.' KLIGER said.

12 July

World Championship Titles to be Decided In Tomorrow's Final Medal

By Rick van Wijngaarden

The last two races deciding on Medal Race challengers in both the 470 Men and Women took place today at the ISAF Sailing World Championships in Cascais, Portugal. Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE (AUS) enter the Medal Race tomorrow leading in the 470 Men and Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED) in the 470 Women.

DE KONING and BERKOUT proved that they currently lead the world in the Women's Two Person Dinghy event by scoring two bullets and leading the fleet by over 20 boatlengths in both races today.

Ingrid PETITJEAN and Nadege DOUROUX (FRA) were the only team who managed to remain between the leaders and the rest of the fleet, and ended both races as second.

The ladies from the Netherlands now have a lead of 11 points on the French 470 Women, which means that the Dutch Women can allow up to five boats between them and their French opponents to secure the gold in tomorrow's Medal Race.

There are no other 470 Women who have a chance for the World Champion title, so in terms of tactics, for DE KONING and BERKHOUT it will mean that they will only have to focus on the French and stay out of trouble like capsizing and penalties.

Racing got very close in the 470 Men when overnight leaders WILMOT and PAGE sailed a secure first race ending up fourth, and local heroes Alvaro MARINHO and Miguel NUNES (POR) scored the bullet with Sven COSTER and Kalle COSTER (NED) right on their tail.

Nick ROGERS and Joe GLANFIED (GBR) shared the same amount of points overnight with the Dutch Men on top of the leaderboard, but in today's first race they ripped their spinnaker and saw their chances for a medal evapourate.

Race 9 and last race for today was to be the decision making race to set up the order of Medal Race challengers in the 470 Men.

WILMOT and PAGE saw the COSTER brothers going into a wind hole at the start and started a 'match race' to completely control their rivals during the race. The Australians could afford a very bad result, and so they led the Dutch and themselves to respectiverly, 33rd and 30th position.

With this action, the Australians have manoeuvred themselves into a position that they can almost swim tomorrow's Medal Race.

'It is a way of how you can do things to win, but we would never do it that way,' Sven COSTER said.

The last fleet race will take place in all 470 Men's and 470 Women's fleets tomorrow, except for the Gold Fleets who end fleet racing in a group without the elite top ten, who will act in the final Medal Race later in the afternoon.

470 Class Medal Race facts:

Women's 470 Medal Race

10 Teams, 9 nations, 5 continents
Start: 16:20

Men's 470 Medal Race

10 Teams, 9 nations, 4 continents
Start: 17:30

11 July

Leaders Strengthen Position In Final Phase

By Rick van Wijngaarden

Racing resumed as scheduled today at the ISAF Sailing World Championships, with the Women's 470 to line up first at 13:00 in a 16 knots breeze. Two races were completed today in both fleets and after seven races in total, Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE (AUS) maintain the lead in the men's fleet, and defending champion Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED) lead in the women's.

Today was the day for the sailors to make a difference and strengthen or improve their positions now that the Championship event is reaching its final phase and the final Medal Race comes closer.

Women's 470

DE KONING and BERKHOUT from extended their lead with a bullet and a second place today. They will only need to have one top result tomorrow, and they still can afford one mistake. Although a lot can happen in the last few hours, the Dutch Women have manoeuvred themselves into a convenient position on their way to claim the World Championship title to their names for the third time in a row.

The first race took place in a close battle with Ai KONDO and Naoko KAMATA (JPN) and Ingrid PETITJEAN and Nadege DOUROUX (FRA), finally won by the Dutch women.

In today's second race, the French 470 women raised their game and managed to stay in front and win race 7.

For Therese TORGERSSON and Vendela ZACHRISSON (SWE) it was a terrible day. After capsizing they had their spinnaker wrapped around the forestay and they did not manage to recover. Because of this incident they lose their discard, and when they crossed the finish 11th position in today's second race, they saw their strong position for gold, built over the last few days, weaken in just a few hours.

Men's 470

WILMOT and PAGE remain the convincing leaders in this Championship. After a bad start in race 6 and rounding the upper mark in the back of the fleet, they fought their way back to finally finish in sixth position. They ended race 7 in second place.

Olympic silver medallists Nick ROGERS and Joe GLANFIELD (GBR) and Dutch daredevils Sven COSTER and Kalle COSTER tie for second place.

Both men's teams from Israel performed well today in a late afternoon strengthening breeze. Gideon KLIGER and Udi GAL score the bullet in race 6, followed by Eyal LEVIN and Yam AMIR.

KLIGER and GAL have been taking leading positions at International 470 Class Championships events for years, but they have been over shone in this event by 2006 Junior 470 World Champions LEVIN and AMIR. The young duo climb up the leaderboard into fourth, just six points off the silver medal spot.

10 July

Qualifying Series Finalized

By Rick van Wijngaarden

The last race of qualifiers was completed today in the 470 class at the ISAF Sailing World Championships in a strong breeze and building waves. Today was scheduled as a reserve day, but because winds were too strong for sailing yesterday, it was decided to finalize the qualifiers today with only one race to reach the minimum amount of five races to divide the fleets into gold, silver and bronze and to continue the Championships with the final series.

Racing was scheduled to start at 16:20 for the men and 17:00 for the Women, but because of a delay of other classes sailing in race areas 4 and 5, racing was postponed for both fleets. By the time racing started the late afternoon wind had developed into a very strong 20+ knot breeze.

Many sailors lost control over their boats when heavy gusts came in, and especially on the reach, a lot of them capsized.

After five races also discards have become effective, and with today's latest results, the leaderboard shows many changes.

Men's 470

Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE from Australia were the predicted leaders for today, and lived up to expectations. In today's race they fought a tight battle with Croatia's Sime FANTELA and Igor MARENIC, who managed to keep in front of them in a major part of the race but finally lost to cross the finish line in second.

Great Britain's Nick ROGERS and Joe GLANFIELD sailed an excellent race today and crossed the finish line in third position. In yesterday's heavy wind gusts they broke their mast and could not finish the race. After discard of their unfortunate result of yesterday's last race, they climb to a second place overall.

Dutch brothers Sven COSTER and Kalle COSTER seem to do very well in this Championship event. After a spin-out on the rudder and capsizing they recovered during today's race, to finish as sixth, sufficient to go into the finals in third overall.

Women's 470

Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED) seem to get stronger every day in this Championship and scored a bullet in today's heavy conditions.

Therese TORGERSSON and Vendela ZACHRISSON (SWE) also won the race in their group and are becoming the most serious opponents to the Dutch, with whom they share the fortunate position of still having a low exclude in their pockets.

Christina BASSADONE and Saskia CLARK (GBR) and Ingrid PETITJEAN and Nadege DOUROUX (FRA) return in leading positions after today's races. Dutch Athens 2004 Olympic Regatta competitor Lisa WESTERHOF, who has teamed up with Europe Class sailor Merel WITEVEEN (NED), join the group after scoring their third second place in this Championship.

Although leaders start to emerge at this Championship event, the minor difference of points within the top 15 shows that during this Championship there still will be a lot to play for.

The final series will start tomorrow, and racing resumes with the Men's 470 fleet split up into gold, silver and bronze, the Women's 470 fleet into gold and silver, based on the results of the qualifying series.

8 July

High Waves And Heavy, Gusty Winds Dominate Day Two

By Rick van Wijngaarden

Conditions got heavier today at the ISAF Sailing World Championships, giving the specialists of strong winds and high waves a lot to play with in a new day of racing with race 3 and 4 on the schedule for the World Championships in the 470 Class Men and Women.

The 470 class changed race area today and moved to course 5, closer to the Atlantic and with less influence of the bay of Cascais, letting wind and waves become more free elements.

Women's 470

Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED) took their advantage of the circumstances and took a convincing lead in today's first race to finally score a bullet and strengthen their title defending position. In race four they come in second and ensure their leadership in the 470 Women.

It was waiting for heavy conditions to have questions answered if Giulia CONTI and Giovanna MICOL from Italy would be able to act as strong in heavy conditions as they do in light winds. Starting in a different group as the Dutch title defenders they showed some excellent sailing today by finishing fifth in race 3, and winning race 4. However, their win did not bring success while they were disqualified after protest.

The Women from Italy have only been sailing 470s since 2005 and have been making great efforts since, by ending fifth in the World Championships of 2006, and taking silver at the last 470 Europeans in June this year.

Sweden's Therese TORGERSSON and Vendela ZACHRISSON show great consistency and after the decision of qualification of the Italian Women, they currently form the biggest threat for the Dutch Ladies.

Ingrid PETITJEAN and Nadege DOUROUX (FRA) made a great come back today by ending second in race 3 and scoring a bullet in race 4.

Tomorrow, after five races, discards will become effective, and in the current situation the French women would climb to second overall. It would still mean that those who have not given away their discards, still have room to make one mistake.

Overnight leaders Elise RECHICHIand Tessa PARKINSON (AUS) did not manage to maintain their success of yesterday in the heavy conditions. The girls from Australia started with an 11th position in race 3, but still ensured an overall top five position by ending the last race in sixth.

Men's 470

At 16:00 it was the turn to the 470 Men to line up for race 3. The wind had dropped, and with the sea unchanged, boats pushed each other over the line and it took three starting attempts to send the first 470 Men's Group to the upper mark.

Shortly after the first valid start, the wind picked up again to increase quickly into a strong and gusty breeze.

Some teams took a side on the course and went extreme, to tack on lay line and head for the upper mark. Those who took the right side had taken the right decision and could expand their leads by taking the advantage of free wind.

After today's races, Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE (AUS) convincingly take the overall lead by scoring two second places. They lead by 11 points from Stuart MCNAY and Graham BIEHL (USA).

The battle for following places has become very tight as the difference between second and third is only five points.

Sven COSTER and Kalle COSTER from the Netherlands took an amazing jump today after ending race 3 in second place, and taking an enormous, but prosperous risk in the final phase of race 4 by pulling their spinnaker in a chaotic situation with gusts far over 30 knots.

The Dutch men, who have regularly demonstrated that they are specialist in extreme conditions, almost literally flew from tenth to the lead.

Racing resumes tomorrow for the last day of qualifiers.

7 July

Australia Dominates After Day One

By Rick van Wijngaarden

The first two races for the 470 fleets at the ISAF Sailing World Championships took place today in very difficult and demanding conditions. The 470 Men started at 13:00 divided into three groups in a light breeze, strengthening during the day, and getting more gusty and shifty by the hour.

Matias BUHLER and Marcos LAMAS (ARG) were able to handle the conditions best and end the day with a bullet and a second place, making them the overnight leaders, followed by Championship contenders Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE (AUS), with a first and sixth place in today's races.

Elise RECHICHI and Tessa PARKINSON (AUS) set the pace in the Women's 470 fleet by winning the first race, leaving everyone behind. The ISAF Youth Worlds Champions from 2003 (RECHICHI also won the title in 2002) and one of the youngest team within the fleet, sailed a near-perfect second race as well, crossing the finish as fifth. This puts them on top on the leaderboard, sharing the same amount of six points with reigning World Champions Marcelien DE KONING and Lobke BERKHOUT (NED).

PARKINSON was delighted with their day one performance, 'We are very happy with this result, and especially in such shifty, gusty and tricky conditions,' she said. 'Also the boys in our camp, Nathan WILMOT and Malcolm PAGE, had a very good day so we are really happy. However it is still early days, tomorrow we will change race course in a racing area known as the most windiest and we are looking forward to continue our efforts, and race in different conditions during the Championship.'

Racing resumes tomorrow at 13:00 for the Men's 470 and at 16:00 for the Women's 470.

About The 2007 ISAF Worlds

Over 1,300 sailors from 76 nations are competing at the 2007 ISAF Sailing World Championships, from 28 June-13 July in Cascais, Portugal. 'The Wind Is Calling' is the official motto for the 2007 Worlds. The Championships are the principal qualification regatta for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition, with 75% of all national places to be decided.

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