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8 July 2007, 06:00 pm
Laser Reports
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ISAF Sailing World Championships 2007
Cascais, Portugal

Reports from the Laser and Laser Radial classes in Cascais
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The Basics

Event: Mens One Person Dinghy
Equipment: Laser
Fleet size: 149
Olympic qualification places: 29
Reigning World Champion: Michael BLACKBURN (AUS)
Reigning Olympic Champion: Robert SCHEIDT (BRA)

Event: Womens One Person Dinghy
Equipment: Laser Radial
Fleet size: 109
Olympic qualification places: 19
Reigning World Champion: Lijia XU (CHN)
Reigning Olympic Champion (in Europe dinghy): Siren SUNDBY (NOR)

Laser Runners and Riders

Laser Top Ten

Pos Nation Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 MR Pts
1 AUS Tom SLINGSBY (21) 1 1 2 1 1 16 9 12 43
2 NZL Andrew MURDOCH 23 2 3 1 8 9 (24) 2 4 52
3 EST Deniss KARPAK 8 (DNF) 12 1 7 6 8 3 10 55
4 CRO Mate ARAPOV 2 2 7 9 10 2 11 (12) 18 61
5 GBR Paul GOODISON 3 5 2 4 (DNF) 5 26 11 6 62
6 SWE Rasmus MYRGREN 6 3 10 16 10 7 4 (20) 8 64
7 CHI Matias DEL SOLAR 3 6 4 5 3 16 12 (28) 16 65
8 FRA Thomas LE BRETON 3 8 1 2 5 29 (34) 8 14 70
9 CRO Luka RADELIC 2 11 6 10 2 13 (29) 25 2 71
10 POR Gustavo LIMA (28) 1 13 11 12 1 10 14 20 82

Full Laser Results

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Laser Radial Top Ten

Pos Nation Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 MR Pts
1 BLR Tatiana DROZDOVSKAYA 6 7 3 6 (15) 5 6 10 4 47
2 FIN Sari MULTALA 2 5 15 1 12 6 (19) 3 6 50
3 GER Petra NIEMANN 9 9 2 5 5 6 1 (12) 14 51
4 POL Katarzyna SZOTYNSKA 15 4 15 2 2 13 (16) 2 2 55
5 USA Anna TUNNICLIFFE 10 13 1 5 9 2 (31) 5 10 55
6 MEX Tania ELIAS CALLES 3 11 2 6 1 1 15 (49) 16 55
7 ISR Nufar EDELMAN 4 2 13 2 (15) 5 5 8 20 59
8 NZL Jo ALEH 13 (BFD) 3 8 8 7 4 7 12 62
9 CHN Lijia XU 1 1 6 1 (BFD) 4 21 22 8 64
10 GBR Charlotte DOBSON 14 6 5 (19) 6 4 8 6 18 67

Full Laser Radial Results

Click here to view the nations which have qualified for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition

9 July

Medal Race Day

By Hugh Lecesiter

Laser Standard

The top ten men in the fleet sailed todays medal race in 12-14 knots of breeze. Championship leader Tom SLINGSBY (AUS) knowing he was unbeatable if he finished sixth or better sailed conservatively up the middle of the first windward leg. This tactic would see him round the first mark in eighth place. The leader was Deniss KARPAK (EST) who had buoy room on Luka RADELIC (CRO), who had both sailed to the right hand lay line. RADELIC would gain the lead on the first down leg and from there would never be headed.

On the second up wind ward leg Andrew MURDOCH (NZL) passed KARPAK to take second. This would be the position he would finish. At the final mark Paul GOODISON (GBR) would round simultaneously with KARPAK. Shortly after rounding KARPAK the windward boat touched GOODISON so had to do a penalty turn this would see him finish fifth, allowing MURDOCH to take second overall with KARPAK taking third. SLINGSBY finished the race in sixth which would win him the World Championship.

Laser Radial

Today's Medal Race sailed in 20 knots of breeze proved to be action for the duration of the entire race.

Championship leaders Petra NIEMANN (GER) and Tania ELIAS CALLES (MEX) both commenced the first windward leg by sailing to the left. However Kotarzyna SZOTYNSKA (POL) led at the first mark from Lijia XU (CHN) who had gone to the right. NIEMANN rounded in fifth but touched the mark so had to complete a penalty turn which would drop her to last.

At the top mark the second time XU, when still in second, whilst rounding could not bearaway as she had a large tangle in her sheet rope. This allowed Sari MULTALA (FIN) into a clear second.

On the third windward leg. Tatiana DROZDOVSKAYA (BLR), needing to catch MULTALA, sailed to the left side of the course. She said 'I thought the breeze had swung so if I went left it would put me in a good position'. This proved to be so for she rounded the top mark the last time in second, one boatlength ahead of MULTALA.

SZOTYNSKA won the race by 30 seconds. At the finish line DROZDOVSKAYA crossed 30 cm ahead of MULTALA. This was enough for her to win the championship. NIEMANN managed to sail her way to fifth, which was enough to take out third place.

8 July

Laser Standard Gold Fleet

By Hugh Lecesiter

The first race of the day started in a breeze of around 12 knots. The fleet split immediately when a group of around twenty boats tacked to get to the right hand side of the course. This proved to be the correct tactic as the leaders all came from this group. In front was Milan VUJASINOVIC (CRO) from Javier HERNANDEZ (ESP) and Anders NYHOLM (DEN). On the first run the breeze dropped to around six knots and searching for new breeze the leaders sailed well to the left of the rhumbline. As the breeze filled in the fleet condensed but the leaders managed to hold their lead at the bottom mark. On the second upwind leg the sailors who went to the left side of the course gained an advantage and the leaders at the next up wind mark where NYHOLM led HERNANDEZ and Bruno FONTES (BRA). They remained in these positions until the finish. Championship leader Tom SLINGSBY (AUS) could only manage to finish 16th.

In the second race SLINGSBY clearly won the start however he allowed a group of boats to get to the right hand side of the course. The leaders at the first mark were Andrew MURDOCH (NZL) followed by Deniss KARPAK (EST) and Mate ARAPOV (CRO), these sailors all came from that group. When the sailors reached the bottom mark MURDOCH still led however Jean-Baptist BERNAZ (FRA) had moved to second ahead of KARPAK. The front three arrived at the wind ward mark the second time within five seconds of each other. On the down wind leg BERNAZ sailed closer to the shore. This allowed him to round the next mark first. Murdoch came second with KARPAK third.

In a difficult day KARPAK was the only sailor in the fleet to finish inside the top ten in both races.

Championship leader SLINGSBY, although not having a great day finishing 16th and ninth, still leads the championship. Second is now ARAPOV with KARPAK third.

Gold Fleet Laser Radial

By Hugh Leicester

The women in the gold fleet had a late start today when the racing started on schedule at 16:00. Their first race mirrored the mens race when the fleet split after the start. However unlike the mens race on this occasion the boats that worked the shifts up the centre of the course did best. Leader was Petra NIEMANN (GER) ahead of Tatiana DROZDOVSKAYA (BLR) and Nufar EDELMAN (ISR). NIEMANN extended her lead on the down wind legs although the other positions remained unchanged. On the second windward leg the sailors on the left gained the advantage of an increase in pressure. NIEMANN was one of these and led by over a minute at the top mark ahead of EDELMAN and Nathalie BRUGGER (SUI). EDELMAN dropped to fifth on the last down wind leg. BRUGGER finished second with Evi VAN ACKER (BEL) finishing third.

In the second race the wind was less stable with greater differences in pressure between the lulls and gusts. Due to this the sailors who found the new lines of pressure (up to 25 knots) first did best. Leader was Paige RAILEY (USA) ahead of Krystal WEIR (AUS) and Lizzie VICKERS (GBR). The second wind ward leg was as difficult as the first and saw the leaders change. Sarah STEYAERT (FRA) had gained the lead at the top of the second windward leg with Katarzyna SZOTYNSKA (POL) and Sari MULTALA (FIN) following. RAILEY dropped to fourth on this leg. The positions remain unchanged to the finish.

Showing how difficult the day was there were only three women in the fleet who could finish in the top ten in both races. They were EDELMAN, 5th and 8th; Charlotte DOBSON (GBR), 6th and 6th; and Jo ALEH (NZL), who finished 4th and 7th.

7 July

6 July

Laser Day 3

By Hugh Leicester

The 149 male Laser sailors had a long day as their start was postponed due to a lack of wind. Eventually they moved to course 5 where the Laser radial women had completed their racing.

In yellow fleet the first race leader was Tonci STIPANOVIC (CRO) led from Tom SLINGSBY (AUS) and Kemal MUSLUBAS (TUR). SLINGSBY went to the lead on the first reach. He extended his lead throughout the race to win by 30 seconds from MUSLUBAS with STIPANOVIC third.

For the second race the wind had strengthened to around 25 knots. SLINGSBY had a bad start and ended up taking the sterns of the majority of the fleet. He still could only manage to reach the top mark in 15th position. Leaders at the end of the first down wind leg were Tonko KUZMANIC (CRO) followed by Oltmann THYEN (GER) and Josh JUNIOR (NZL). KUZMANIC had a lead of around 30 seconds at the top mark the final time. Shortly after commencing the down wind leg he broached on a large wave but saved the boat from capsizing. SLINGSBY rounded the top mark the second time in fourth place.

In blue fleet first race Julio ALSOGARAY (ARG) led at the first mark from Anders NYHOLM (DEN) and Nick THOMPSON (GBR). ALSOGARAY would go on to win the race. On the second up wind leg Luka RADELIC (CRO) moved to second place where he would finish. On the last down wind leg Jeremie STEYAERT (FRA) managed to fill the final placing finishing third.

In the second race local sailor Gustavo LIMA (POR) led the race from start to finish. Mate ARAPOV (CRO), who rounded the first mark in third, managed to finish second with Maxim SEMERKHANOV (RUS) coming third.

Red fleet saw world #1 Paul GOODISON (GBR) having to retire from the race after being given a second yellow flag for the race twenty metres from to finish line. The race was won by current World Champion Michael BLACKBURN (AUS) followed by Felix PRUVOT (FRA) with Matias DEL SOLAR (CHI) finishing third. In their second race David WEAVER (NZL) won with Rutger VAN SCHAARDENBURG (NED) and BLACKBURN filling the places.

Laser Radial Day 3

By Hugh Leicester

Today the women raced on the course area furthest out to sea. Common knowledge amongst the sailors is that the strongest winds and largest seas are to be expected there. The sailors were not disappointed. Arriving at the course area the sailors were greeted by a 12 knot northwesterly and commenced racing on time. This breeze increased to around 20 knots by half way through the first race.

Championship leader Lijian XU (CHN) was in the first yellow fleet start of the day. As in all her starts in this regatta she started at the committee boat. She led at the top mark, but on arriving there she had to with draw as she had broken the start line under a black flag. This allowed Marit BOUWMEESTER (NED) to assume the lead from Lizzie VICKERS (GBR) and Adriana KOSTIW (BRA). On the second windward beat Vickers took the lead and led comfortably at the top mark. BOUWMEESTER and KOSTIW approached the top mark together. As BOUWMEESTER pinched the boat to squeeze around she capsized to windward on top of KOSTIW who then also capsized. Both sailors would end up finishing in the late teens. Sarah BLANCK (AUS) took advantage of this to finish second ahead of Cecilia CARRANZA (ARG).

In the second yellow fleet race Krystal WEIR (AUS) led at the top mark with Larissa NEVEIROV (ITA) second and a large pack of boats in third. Weir relinquished the lead when she capsized on the first downwind leg. By the time the sailors reached the top mark the second time the leader was Gea JUTJENS (NED) with Lizzie VICKERS (GBR). They would go on to finish in this order.

XU recovered from 13th at the first mark to finish in 4th place. This was just enough to maintain her lead in the championship. Although now Tania ELIAS CALLES (MEX) has the same points score but XU leads by virtue of her three race wins.

Blue fleet leaders at the first mark again came from the right hand side of the course. Leading was Katarzyna SZOTYNSKAYA (POL) from Sophie DE TURCKHEIM (FRA) and ELIAS CALLES. ELIAS CALLES showed a liking to surfing the large waves on the first down wind leg and assumed the lead. She won the race from SZOTYNSKAYA and DE TURCKHEIM.

ELIAS CALLES was leading the second race at the top mark narrowly ahead of Anna TUNNICLIFFE (USA)and Corinne MEYER (SUI) in third. ELIAS CALLES and TUNNICLIFFE rounded opposite gates after the first down wind leg. However TUNNICLIFFE, by taking the port gate, gained the advantage of the right hand side of the course. She took the lead until the final mark rounding, where after completing her gybe, she nose dived the boat to fill the cockpit. This allowed ELIAS CALLES to sail past her to leeward to win the race.

When asked after racing why the sailors were favouring the right hand side of the course she said, 'Although there always seems to be more breeze on the left there was also a lot more opposing current.'

5 July

Laser Day Two

By Hugh Leicester

Today the sailors moved to course area 2. This course was close to the coast line with the windward mark only a few hundred metres of f the shore. As a result the water was a lot flatter with a small chop as opposed to yesterdays swell. The wind at the start of racing was around 15 knots and steadily built through the afternoon with gusts to 24 knots by the second race.

Championship leader Mate ARAPOV (CRO) was in the first fleet to start today. He got off to a bad start when he rounded the first mark in 27th position. First mark leader was Anders NYHOLM (DEN) who had worked the right hand side of the course without over committing to the layline. He was followed around by Thomas LE BRETON (FRA). LE BRETON had passed NYHOLM by the bottom gate and held his lead to win the race. NYHOLM again lost a place on the second downwind leg to Michael BULLOT (NZL) who had made progress through the fleet after rounding the first mark in around tenth position. ARAPOV recovered to finish seventh in the race by sailing to the extreme right hand side of the second beat to recover his position in the fleet.

In the second race the whole fleet was on the right hand side of the course with the leaders coming in on the layline from several hundreds of metres from the top mark. Leader was Arvid CLAESON (SWE) however he touched the mark as he rounded and had to do a penalty turn. This would see his position slip to finally finish in 3rd.Second round and assuming the lead was Robert GODWIN (GBR) with third being David WEAVER (NZL). WEAVER sailed into the lead on the second windward beat to hold out a fast finishing LE BRETON who finished second. LE BRETONs 1,2 finish would see him move to second overall.

In blue fleet the only top sailor to work the left was Mathias DEL SOLAR (CHI) which would see him round in third place. The leaders were Roloef BOUWMEESTER (NED) from Simon GROTUELASCHEN (GER). Places remained constant through the remainder of the race with the only change being that Andrew MURDOCH (NZL) passed DEL SOLAR to finish in third.

In the second race Tobias SCHADEWALDT (GER) led from Andreas GERITZER (AUT) with Alejandro FOGLIA (URU) third. On the second upwind leg MURDOCH, who was fourth at the first mark, moved into second place behind SCHADEWALDT who dropped to seventh on the last run. MURDOCH went on to win from FOGLIA and Roope SUOMALAINEN (FIN) in third place.

Red fleet saw world #1 and 2, Paul GOODISON (GBR) and Tom SLINGSBY (AUS), come up against each other. GOODISON had an early advantage leading at the end of the first downwind leg ahead of Jeremie STEYAERT (FRA) and Luka RADELIC (CRO). All the leaders took the port gate. SLINGSBY rounded in ninth place and was the first boat to round the starboard gate. He picked up a shift from the left which bought him back to the leaders. By the top mark the second time GOODISON led SLINGSBY and they had a comfortable margin over STEYAERT. One hundred metres from the bottom mark SLINGSBY caught and overtook GOODISON to take the race win.

In the second race Deniss KARPAK (EST) led ahead of Nick THOMPSON (GBR) . GOODISON and SLINGSBY rounded together eighth and ninth place. KARPAK extended his lead throughout the race to win comfortably ahead of a fast finishing SLINGSBY. THOMPSON held on to just beat fellow country man GOODISON into third place.

Laser Radial Day Two

By Hugh Leicester

Todays racing was started in around 10 knots of breeze on course area 1, the closest racing area to the rigging area. Yellow fleet was first to start with championship leader Lijia XU (CHN) electing to start at the committee boat end of the start line. She immediately tacked and was always the furthest boat to the right. By the time half the beat had been sailed there were two distinct groups one on the left and the other on the right. As the sailors approached the first mark a gust came to the advantage of the sailors on the left side. First to round was Anna TUNNICLIFFE (USA) ahead Danielle DUBE (CAN) with Jo ALEH (NZL) third. XU rounded in 21st position. After the first mark the only position change was Tania ELIAS CALLES (MEX) came through to finish second behind TUNNICLIFFE with ALEH finishing third.

In the second race XU again started at the committee boat and sailed the right hand side of the course however this time the tactic worked as she led the race ahead of Sophie DE TURCKHEIM (FRA) and Katarzyna SZOTYNSKA (POL). XU held on to win the race however on the last bit of the down wind leg SZOTYNSKA passed DE TURCKHEIM to finish second.

The blue fleets first race had the sailors evenly distributed across the racing area with positions at the first mark being evenly mixed. Leader was Evi VAN ACKER (BEL) ahead of Petra NIEMANN (GER) and Nufar EDELMAN (ISR) third. EDELMAN dropped ten places on the first run by sailing down the left hand side of the leg. VAN ACKER led the whole race to win from NIEMANN and Tatiana DROZDOVSKAYA (BLR) third.

In the second blue fleet race leader at the first downwind gate Sari MULTALA (FIN) led ahead of EDELMAN. The two leaders split gates half up the beat EDELMAN had taken the lead but lost the lead again on the downwind leg. Third in the race was Paige RAILEY (USA)

About The 2007 ISAF Worlds

Over 1,300 sailors from 76 nations are competing at the 2007 ISAF Sailing World Championships, from 28 June-13 July in Cascais, Portugal. 'The Wind Is Calling' is the official motto for the 2007 Worlds. The Championships are the principal qualification regatta for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition, with 75% of all national places to be decided.

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