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30 June 2001, 03:15 pm
Regatta Concludes
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Block Island Race Week

A fast sail around Block Island in sunny and moderate conditions with a favorable easterly breeze wrapped up racing for 214 competitors in three divisions in the 19th biennial Race Week at Block Island today.

After analyzing the performance of racers in up to seven races during the five days of racing, The Storm Trysail Club awarded its Everett B. Memorial Trophy to Brad Parker's Farr 33 Sugar, from Annapolis, MD. The most coveted
of all awards at Race Week, the trophy goes to the participant who wins his class and in the judgment of the Race Committee and the Commodore has logged the best overall performance. The trophy will be formally presented at the club's annual prize giving in the Fall.

Sugar won in the PHRF-102-114 Class today in the race around the island, and finished the week 15 points ahead of her nearest competition. Her crew included tactician Scott Allan and a regular crew made up of college friends from Hobart William Smith crewing who have been sailing together since graduating in the late 80s.

The Isbrandtsen Overall Perpetual Trophy for the second best performance of the week went to Jim Richardson, skipper of the Farr 40 Barking Mad, from Newport, RI.

Racing around the island clockwise is unusual at Race Week because typically the fleet starts in a southerly or westerly breeze, but today, with a modest easterly wind of six to eight knots, the fleet headed for the north end first with the current on its tail. All three fleet's starting lines were set well to the northwest of the island, downwind of the first mark, which was the government mark "1BI" for several classes and an inflatable mark set north for others to help relieve congestion.

The Race Committee started classes in reverse order of size to help the smaller boats get around the island more quickly, which meant that finding passing lanes on the back side of the island was of paramount importance. Opinions varied on the best tactics for handling the foul tide and the traffic on the back side of the island. Some swore that hugging the shore out of the tide helped. Others said there was more wind and better sailing further offshore. All agreed that finding clear lanes paid off.

In the Farr 44 Class, beating into the light easterly wind, John Ryan's Swordflounder led the way to the first mark by tacking southeast toward the island and picking up a right hand shift. He was followed around the weather mark by John Thompson's Solution and Richardson's Barking Mad. Then a game of leapfrog ensued, in which Barking Mad held high of the rhumbline course and found more breeze to roll past the two leaders, while Dynamo did the same thing to move up from fourth. Sled came from way back in sixth to power
into second place ahead of Dynamo, and from their the threesome led the rest of the way around the southern side of the island and downwind to an offshore finish. They finished only seconds apart with Dynamo winning, Sled
second, and Barking Mad third.

Results, Day 5 June 29, 2001
Place, skipper, hometown, boat name, boat type, total points

1. Jim Richardson, Newport, RI, Barking Mad, Farr 40 (1-2-5-1-1-1-3), 9
2. Eric Moog, Canada, Dynamo, Farr 40 (8-1-2-7-3-4-1), 18
3. John Thomson, Pt. Washington, NY, Solution, Farr 40 (5-3-6-2-2-2-6), 20.

1. Robert Towse, Stamford, CT, Blue Yankee, R/P 66 (1-3-1-1-1-1-1-4), 9
2. Bache Renshaw, South Dartmouth, MA, Virago, N/M48 (2-1-2-2-4-4-3-1), 15
3. Isam Kabbani, Middleton, RI, Rima, Farr 60 (4-4-3-3-3-2-2-3), 20.

1. Robert Siegel, New York, NY, Pax Nzl, Farr 43 (2-8-2-4-3-2-2-5), 20
2. Steven Loeb, New York, NY, Sirena, Tripp 43 (1-3-9-2-5-1-3-7), 22
3. Carl Olsson, Larchmont, NY, Morning Glory, Tripp 41 (4-2-1-7-1-5-5-9),

1. Jimmie Sundstrom, Rye, NY, Stampede (5-1-1-1-4-2-1), 10
2. Jeffrey W. Willis, Hunington, NY, Challenge IV (1-2-6-2-1-5-3), 14
3. William Ketcham, Greenwich, CT, Maxine (4-5-3-3-2-1-4), 17.

PHRF 93-18
1. Richard Breeden, Greenwich, CT, Bright Star, R/P 73 (1-1-2-3-5-4-1-1),13
2. Adam Gosling, London, England, Yes, Sydney 60 (3-2-1-1-2-2-2-3), 13
3. George Collins, Gibson Island, MD, Chessie Racing, Farr 52(2-3-3-7-7-6-4-2), 27.

PHRF 24-39
1. Prebin Ostberg/John Aras, Edgewater, MD, Tsunami, Farr 395(2-1-1-3-2-5-3), 12
2. Steve & Helga Garland, Hingham, MA, Wired, Farr 395 (4-5-3-4-5-9-2), 23
3. Brian Connolly, Brookfield, CT, Siren, Custom 39 (7-4-8-5-3-6-1), 26.

1. John Hourihan, New York, NY, PFM 2 (1-1-DSQ-5-8-1-8-4), 28
2. James Doane Jr, Naples, FL, Flame (9-7-8-1-2-4-10-2), 33
3. Andrew Skibo, Ocean City, NJ, Plum Crazy (3-13-10-8-1-2-3-9), 36.

PHRF 81-99
1. Bill Healy, Hartland, CT, Sirprize, Sirena 38 (1-2-4-2-1-1-7-4), 15.5
2. Iris Vogel, New Rochelle, NY, Deviation, Soverel 33 (2-8-3-4-5-2-2-2),
3. Lawrence V. Gallacher, E. Norwalk, CT, Celeritas, Soverel 33
(3-1-6-3-6-7-1-4), 24.5.

PHRF 102-114
1. Brad Parker, Annapolis, MD, Sugar, Farr 33 (2-2-1-1-1-2-2-1), 10
2. Anthony Esposito, New Rochelle, NY, Hustler, J/29 (5-4-8-3-2-1-8-2), 25
3. Bijan Rasadi, Groton, CT, Showdown, J/29 (4-1-9-4-5-3-4-7), 28.

PHRF 117-132
1. Robert & William Lehnert, Rockville Centre, NY, Lunatic Fringe, Ls 10
(1-1-1-2-1-1-6-6), 13
2. Roger Wales, Bernardsville, NJ, Wales Tales, Fngl 38 (7-3-2-1-4-3-2-1),
3. Bob Zannetti, Westport, CT, Venturesome, C&c35 (2-5-3-4-2-2-4-5), 22.

PHRF 135
1. Bill Baxter, Cutchogue, NY, Pirate, Abbott 33 (4-1-1-3-1-DNF-3-3), 16
2. Tom Treat, Milford, CT, Max, Evelyn 25 (1-2-2-DSQ-5-4-1-2), 17
3. Lincoln Schoenberger, Shelton, CT, One Up, Wylie 30 (2-4-5-4-2-1-6-1),

Express 37
1. Morton Weintraub, Larchmont, NY, Troubador (4-1-1-1-1-2-1), 7
2. Matt & Randy Baldwin, Norwalk, CT, Cabady (2-2-5-5-3-1-2), 15
3. Ricard Dumoulin, Larchmont, NY, Lora Ann (3-RAF-2-2-2-5-4), 18.

1. F.N. Sagerholm, Ocean City, NJ, Aunt Jean (4-2-1-1-1-1-1), 7
2. Bos Powell, Mystic, CT, Baboon (2-1-3-3-4-6-2), 15
3. Peter Scheidt, Highland, MD, Maggie (6-5-2-2-2-4-5), 20.

PHRF 51-57
1. Jim & Tom Rich, Southold, NY, Settler, Ctm 42 (2-3-1-1-2-1-2), 9
2. Gordon Hall, Marblehead, MA, Katabatic, Taylor 40 (1-5-6-3-3-2-1), 15
3. Jerry Bertekap, Jr., Oceanport, NJ, Sarah Beth, J/120 (3-2-3-2-1-6-DSQ),

PHRF 60-78
1. Gibbs Kane, Jr., Rye, NY, Mutiny, Baltic 43 (2-3-1-1-1-1-4), 9
2. Rojek/Sachs/Zaleski, Norwalk, CT, Kiowa, Tripp 36 (5-1-2-3-3-2-1), 12
3. John Downey, Canton, MA, Gambler, Frers 41 (9-2-3-2-2-6-2), 17.

PHRF 42-48
1. Don Patterson, Virginia Beach, VA, Orion, Taylor 41 (1-3-1-1-1-1-2), 7
2. NY Maritime College, New York, NY, R-Wave, Dobroth 42 (5-1-2-2-2-3-1),
3. Paul Zabetakis, Stamford, CT, Impetuous, Mumm 36 (2-3-4-3-3-4-4), 19.

PHRF Sport
1. Tim Woodhouse, Newport, RI, Rumors, Thompson (4-3-2-1-1-1-4), 12
2. Tom McManus, Marblehead, MA, Danger Zone, Taylor 32 (1-1-3-3-2-2-3), 12
3. Trice/Chris Bouzaid, Jamestown, RI, Wai Rere, Thompson 30
(5-2-1-2-3-5-5), 18.

PHRF Navigators
1. James Miller/James Weil, Laurel Hollow, NY, Antipodes, S/Cruz 52
(1-1-1-2-1), 6
2. Gustav Carlson, Larchmont, NY, Samantha, N/M 49 (2-2-2-7-2), 15
3. Lawrence Cohen, Gloucester, VA, Dawn Treader, Swan 411 (6-5-4-4-5), 24.

PHRF Non Spinnaker
1. Sea Scouts Ship 6, Norwalk, CT, Celebration, Ctm 40 (2-1-3-3-1), 10
2. Jim Reiher, Quogue, NY, Sky, Swan 53 (1-2-1-4-4), 12
3. Jon St Coeur, Wakefield, RI, Rogue, Taylor 38 (3-3-5-6-2), 19
Keith Taylor
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