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31 August 2001, 12:01 pm
Day Three
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Idea Gdynia Sailing Days

The third day of the Idea Gdynia Sailing Days has just finished. Today's start was postponed about two hours due to the light wind. Luckily the wind increased around 13:00 and the competitors could set off.

During the first race the wind was 3-6 knots, gradually increasing untill the 3rd race, when it was 8 knots even 14 knots in gusts. The direction of the wind was changeable from east to north-west, the sky partly overcast. The wave short and harsh.

Monika Bronicka (Poland) won in the last two races in Europa class, which immediately resulted in the 7th position. Now, after her sickness in the begginning of the regatta, she is catching up with other competitors. The first 3 places hasn't changed today. 'Monika sails all the same, we can say that the recent day gave her the chance for the medal' comments Kasia Szotyńska.'I feel much better today, the wind was light, didn't demand so much effort. I am waiting for the second discard, then it will be more clear how I sail' says Monika Bronicka.

In 49er's Paweł Kacprowski and Paweł Kuźmicki (Poland) strenghtened their 1st place after winnig all today's races. 'We have to keep an eye on our rivals and tried to win, to enlarge the distance' - Paweł Kacprowski. Sligtly behind them there are another Polish team - Marcin Czajkowski, Krzysztof Kierski and Mike Kesser, Alexander Krause from Germany, who defended their third position.

In Finn class Wacław Szukiel (Poland) had a very good day. He took great adventage over Mateusz Kusznierewicz (Poland) and won the race. Due to lack of wind the 3rd race was abandoned. Mateusz Kusznierewicz maintained the lead, the second is Wacław Szukiel, the third Dominik Życki (Poland).

In Tornado Jacek Noetzel and Arek Hronowski, Polish vice-champions 2000, got ahead the recent winners Andrew Kiriluk and Walery Uschkov (Russia). Brasilian crew Mauricio Santa Cruz and Joao Carlos Jordao moved to the 3rd position.

Today first races in Mistral class were held. Miłosz Wójcik (Poland) got ahead of Piotr Myszka (Poland) and Przemysław Miarczyński (Poland). In Mistral women Marzena Okońska (Poland) is the best. 'The weather conditions today were perfect for me, I like light wind and I managed to make use of it. I don't know what tomorrow brings. I won twice, giving the first place once only to Anna Graczyk" says Marzena Okońska.

Thursday wasn't so good for 470's Polish crew Tomasz Stańczyk, Tomek Jakubiak. In the first two races they reached fourth place and managed to win the last race. They didn't keep the first position which is now in the Russian hands.

In Laser class Maciej Grabowski (Poland) wins all races from the very begininnig and his leader position is stable.

Results after third day:

I Finn (8 races)
1. Mateusz Kusznierewicz (Poland) - 5 pts
2. Wacław Szukiel (Poland) - 12 pts
3. Dominik Życki (Poland) - 13 pts

II Laser (7 races)
1. Maciej Grabowski (Poland) - 4 pts
2. Marcin Rudawski (Poland) - 11 pts
3. Aleksandr Mumiga (Belarus) - 13 pts

III Europa K (9 races)
1. Tatyana Drosdowskay (Belarus) - 26 pts
2. Weronika Glinkiewicz (Poland)- 28 pts
3. Katarzyna Szotyńska (Poland) - 42 pts

IV Europa M (9 races)
1. Yuri Polzin (Belarus) - 49 pts
2. Michał Kaczmarek (Poland) - 108 pts
3. Olaf Kowalski (Poland) - 111 pts

V 49er (9 races)
1. Paweł Kacprowski, Paweł Kuźmicki (Poland) - 10 pts
2. Marcin Czajkowski, Krzysztof Kierkowski (Poland) - 19 pts
3. Mike Keser, Alexander Krause (Germany) - 27 pts

VI 470 W (9 races)
1.Katarzyna Tylińska, Marta Kaszałowicz (Poland) - 54 pts
2. Therese Torgersson, Vendela Zachrisson (Sweden) - 87 pts
3. Ekaterina Skudina, Ekaterino Kovalenko (Russia) - 96 pts

VII 470 M ( 9 races)
1. Dmytry Bereżkin, Mikhail Ktutikov (Russia) - 13 pts
2. Tomasz Stańczyk, Tomasz Jakubiak (Poland) -15 pts
2. Rafał Sawicki, Paweł Nowakowski (Poland) - 35 pts

VIII Tornado (6 races)
1. Jacek Noetzel, Arek Hronowski (Poland) - 7 pts
2. Andrew Kiriluk, Walery Uschkov (Russia) - 9 pts
3. Mauricio Santa Cruz, Joao Carlos Jordao (Brasil) - 12 pts

IX 730 (6 races)
1. Michał Malicki (Poland) - 13 pts
2. Zbigniew Kania (Poland) - 16 pts
3. Robert Janecki (Poland) - 18 pts

X Mistral M (3 races)
1. Miłosz Wójcik (Poland) - 4 pts
2. Piotr Myszka (Poland) - 5 pts
3. Przemysław Miarczyński (Poland) - 9 pts

XI Mistral W (3 races)
1. Marzena Okońska (Poland) - 4 pts
2. Anna Graczyk (Poland) - 6 pts
3. Katarzyna Prygiel (Poland) - 10 pts

Ewa Górska/News Editor
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