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26 January 2004, 04:35 pm
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2004 ISAF Regulations

In November 2003, the ISAF Council approved various changes to the ISAF Regulations, which have been included in the 2004 version.
The 2004 ISAF Regulations are now available online in pdf format, and can also be downloaded either as a whole document or in sections.

In order to highlight the changes made to the Regulations, also available for viewing and download is a copy of the Regulations with the major changes detailed in a blue font and sidebarred.

There follows a brief explanation of the major changes made by the ISAF Council in November 2003. The explanation below is purely intended as a guide and please refer to the specific regulation for the actual wording:

Continent Definition of Continents
Oceanic Definition of `Oceanic'
Regulation 1 - Notices and Submissions
Regulation 1.1 Clarification of who may make submissions
Regulation 1.4 Amendment to say `International or Recognised Class'
Regulation 1.6 Inclusion of special note for 2004 Class Rule Changes
Regulation 2 - ISAF Membership - ISAF Full Members and ISAF Associate Members
New Regulation 2.34 - 2.38 New regulation including Continental Associations as ISAF Members
Regulation 6 - Appointment of Committee Members
Regulation 6.2 Clarification of date nominations for committee membership should be received at the ISAF Secretariat
New Regulation 6.15 New regulation regarding the obligations of Committee Chairmen and Vice Chairmen
Regulation 7 - Election of President and Vice-Presidents
Regulation 7.3 Amendments to voting procedure to mandate the election of two women Vice-Presidents
Regulation 15 - Committees: Constitution, Terms of Reference and Administration
Regulation 15.25.6 Amendment to Terms of Reference for the Special Regulations Sub-committee
Regulation 16 - Olympic Regatta
Regulation 16.4 Amendment of wording of `Television Rights' to `Media Rights'
Regulation 17 - ISAF Events
Regulation 17.2.10 Amendments to list of Classes for selection to the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship to include Hobie 16 `with spinnaker'
Regulation 17.5.5(b) Clarification regarding who may reduce or cancel the period of Nationality
Regulation 18 - ISAF and Other Events
Regulation 18.2.1 Amendment to criteria for holding a World Championship
Regulation 18.12.2(a) Inclusion of clause regarding Race Officials not acting in any capacity for competitors at a Major Event at which they have been appointed
Regulation 18.12.3(a) Amendments to the list of ISAF Events
New Regulation 18.13.8 New regulation regarding the approval of the IFDS Technical Delegate for the Paralympic Regatta
Regulation 18.15.1 Clarification of the ownership of Media Rights in respect of the Olympic Regatta
Regulation 18.15.2 Clarification of licensing Media Rights for World Championships
Regulation 18.15.2(c) Clarification of licensing Media Rights for International Events
Regulation 18.15.2(f) Clarification of Licensing Media Rights for Major Events/ Events of Classes/ISAF Events
Regulation 18.16-18.16.2 Event Fees - amendment of wording of Advertising Fees and Approval Fees and new regulation regarding Payment to Umpire for ISAF Graded Match Racing Events
New Regulation 19.7 - Class Eligibility
New Regulation 19.7 New regulation regarding Class Eligibility
Regulation 20 - Advertising Code
New Regulation 20.2.3 New regulation clarifying that the ISAF Advertising Code does not apply at the Olympic Regatta
Regulation - 20.3.2 Amendment to clarify a competitor's obligation to wear a Bib when it is supplied equipment
Regulation 20.4.3 Clarification of restriction not applying to classes chosen as equipment for forthcoming Olympic Regatta
Regulation 20.8 Clarification of Entry Fee
Regulation 21 - Anti-Doping Code
Regulation 21 Entire Regulation Amended in line with the new WADA Anti-Doping Code
Regulation 24 - ISAF World Rankings
Regulation 24.2.5 New Regulation regarding the Appointment of Umpires to Graded Events.
Regulation 22 - ISAF Sailors' Classification Code
Preamble Clarification of the Code in the Preamble
Regulation 26 - ISAF International and Recognized Classes
Regulation 26.2.1 Amendment of how the application must be submitted
Regulation 26.10.3 Clarification regarding ISAF approval of class rule changes between ISAF Meetings
Regulation 26.11.1 Clarification regarding the process for approving Class Rule interpretations
New Regulation 26.11.1(b) New regulation clarifying what constitutes a Class Rule Interpretation
Regulation - 26.14 Amendment of regulation to refer to regulation 18.5 which covers Media Rights
Regulation 43 - International Regulations Commission
Regulations 43.7(a) Amendments to regulation to include `other similar bodies' and the` environment'

Please note that the 2004 ISAF Yearbook, containing amongst other information, the ISAF Regulations will be sent to the ISAF family on 27 January 2004.
ISAF Secretariat
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