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Delegate Information
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2008 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting - Information for Delegates and Observers

Visa Entry Requirements

Qingdao, China
8-12 May

Delegates and Observers wishing to attend the 2008 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting are advised to check visa entry requirements for visiting China with the Chinese Embassy in their Country.

It may be necessary for delegates to receive a letter of inviation in order to obtain a visa in which case please provide the following information to be sent to the Chinese Yachting Association:

Full Name
Passport Number

The above details should be sent by email to Miss Zangyue by clicking here - please remember to include in the email that the letter of invitation is required for the 2008 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting.

Observer Registration

All observers wishing to attend the 2008 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting in Qingdao, China must complete the Observer Registration Form and return it to your MNA or Class Association to be sent to the ISAF Secretariat by Wednesday 9 April.

Click here to download the Observer Registration Form.

All delegates and observers must register at the ISAF Reception desk to receive their ISAF name badge in order to access any of the ISAF Meetings.

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