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Meeting Information
CommitteeConstitution Committee
Conference2008 ISAF Annual Conference
Submission cut-off:1 August 2008
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Meeting Schedule
Monday 10 November 2008
09:30 - 18:00Constitution CommitteeJardinOpen
Wednesday 12 November 2008
09:30 - 13:30Constitution CommitteeLa ManchaOpen


Constitution Committee AgendaAgenda for the ISAF Constitution Committee meeting on 10 November 2008 at the ISAF Annual Conference
Deferred Submission 166-07International Race Manager
Submission 001-08Coaches Commission - Terms of Reference
Submission 002-08Equipment Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 003-08Events Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 004-08Match Racing Sub-committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 005-08Class Rules Sub-Committee- Terms of Reference
Submission 006-08Match Racing Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 007-08Medical Commission - Terms of Reference
Submission 008-08Olympic Classes Sub-Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 009-08Regional Games Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 010-08Sail Rankings Sub-Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 011-08Team Racing Sub-Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 012-08Training Commission - Terms of Reference
Submission 013-08Windsurfing Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 014-08Youth and Development Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 015-08Youth World Championship Sub-Committee - Terms of Reference
Submission 016-08Submission Withdrawn
Submission 017-08Olympic Classes Representation on Council
Submission 018-08Olympic Classes Representation on the Events Committee
Submission 019-08Athletes Commission Representation on Council
Submission 020-08Submission Withdrawn
Submission 021-08Submission Withdrawn
Submission 022-08International Umpire
Submission 023-08International Measurers Sub-Committee
Submission 024-08Olympic Jury
Submission 025-08Submission Withdrawn
Submission 026-08Submission Withdrawn
Submission 027-08Classification Code - Competitor Classifications
Submission 028-08ISAF Sailor Classification Code - Protest Grounds and Procedure
Submission 029-08Committee Appointment Process
Submission 030-08Internet Provision
Submission 033-08Offshore Racing
Submission 034-08ORC Limited
Submission 036-08ISAF Full Member Groupings
Submission 037-08Submissions by Review Board Chairman
Submission 038-08Advertising Code
Submission 039-08ISAF Anti-Doping Code
Submission 040-08IFDS and World Championships
Submission 051-08Taking of Minutes - Removal of Duplication
Submission 052-08Applications for Membership
Submission 053-08Associate Membership
Submission 054-08Publication of Voting Records - Procedure
Submission 055-08Match Racing Umpires' Fees
Submission 056-08Abolition of Individual Membership
Submission 057-08Abolition of Autonomous Constituent Organizations
Submission 058-08Suspension or Cancellation of Membership
Submission 059-08Special Resolution Votes
Submission 060-08Appointment of Council Members
Submission 061-08Confirmation of Review Board’s Authority
Submission 067-08ISAF Regulations - Definitions
Submission 068-08Class Rule Changes of Recognized Class Associations
Submission 069-08The Equipment Sub-Control Committee
Submission 070-08Equipment Rules of Sailing Administration
Submission 071-08Obtaining Designation as an International or Recognized Class
Submission 072-08Formation of Class Rule Interpretation Panel
Submission 084-082016 Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Submission 085-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Equipment
Submission 086-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Submission 087-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Submission 089-08Events at Olympic Games
Submission 090-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Submission 091-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Classes and Equipment
Submission 093-08Agenda for Ordinary General Meeting
Submission 094-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Classes and Equipment
Submission 100-08ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships
Submission 101-08ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships
Submission 102-08Classes for the ISAF Sailing Youth World Championship
Submission 103-08ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships - Equipment
Submission 104-08Addition of Event to Youth Worlds
Submission 105-08ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship
Submission 107-08Youth Multihull Equipment
Submission 108-08ISAF Junior World Championship
Submission 116-08ISAF World Match Race Rankings
Submission 118-08World Match Tour Invites
Submission 124-08Special Regulations Administration
Submission 125-08Constitution and Terms of Reference of the Oceanic and Offshore Committee
Submission 131-08IFDS International Classifiers
Submission 132-08Re-appointment of International Race Officers
Submission 133-08International Umpire
Submission 134-08International Umpire
Submission 135-08International Umpire
Submission 136-08International Measurer
Submission 137-08International Race Officer
Submission 138-08Recognized Race Officials
Submission 139-08Race Officials Performance
Submission 140-08Race Officials Performance
Submission 150-08Introductory Rules for Racing
Submission 169-08Equipment for Regional Games
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